We’re Doing Science!

“Sir, someone who has COVID took a dump yesterday.” What a waste of time, money, and resources, developing a test to find COVID variants in sewage.

This is what government does- they spend taxpayer money on stupid ideas that help no one. All this test will do is tell you that someone who has COVID pinched off a loaf recently.

This post makes me laugh, because I get to use euphemisms for defecation, like saying “Dropping a Deuce,” or “Taking the Browns to the Superbowl” or “Dropping the Cosby Kids off at the Pool.” Biden even gave me a great idea for a new one: “Taking a visit to the Vatican”

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Given the presence of the virus in that area (hence the Chinese going to anal-probe tests, unless that’s just to humiliate foreign diplomats)… just wait until Science! decides that Fecal Aerosol Respiratory Transmission is a thing.
Everyone will be required to wear a special diaper! To facilitate enforcement, the diaper will be worn on the outside of regular clothing. We’ll all be dressing like superheroes!

“Putting a Chief on sea duty” was always a personal favorite. “Commissioning an Ensign” was another.
For the naval aviators it was “Gonna do some low-level water bombing.”

“Pinch a loaf” or “cut a rope” are the ol’ standbys.

Had one guy in the shop who’s default was “Gotta flex my star muscle” which usually got a laugh.

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