Silence the opposition

What *ARE* the guidelines?

The reason that I posted my last post on crime statistics was because of my research on a post for local media. I shouldn’t have bothered. They are only interested in publishing their own version of truth.

They claim I violated their community guidelines, which I can’t find anywhere. It appears like they are:

I think that this happens because we were beating them in the realm of ideas. We were using facts and logic, while they were using emotions, hyperbole, and dick jokes. Once they realized that wasn’t working, it was time to silence us. This is the adult equivalent of putting your hands over your ears while yelling “LALALALA. I can’t hear you.”

One reply on “What *ARE* the guidelines?”

you can’t argue with libtards…as soon as you introduce facts and logic you become a homophobe or racist because like you said, every argument they have is based on their little itty bitty feelings…

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