You keep hearing from the Republicans that we should vote for McCain because he is better than Obama. Yet, here he is saying that oil companies should “return” their profits to the American people.

In the past McCain has indicated he would consider a tax on oil companies, saying he didn’t want to see companies making “obscene profits” that distort the market.

The Democrats are ready to nationalize the oil industry.

Both want to Nationalize the health care industry.

I have been searching my copy of the Constitution, and I cannot seem to find the section that grants this power to the executive.

Tell me again how it matters which dictator I vote for.

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SordidPanda · October 3, 2008 at 4:59 am

McCain is statistically more likely to die in the next four years, leaving Sarah Palin as POTUS. Also even if he doesn’t die in office it gives Palin more “Executive Experience” for her own shot at the presidency later on.

So hold your nose and vote for McCain.

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