If there is anything that I am convinced of, it is this: The press in this country doesn’t report on anything that the left/Democrat party hasn’t approved of first. The professional media outlets in this country report what they are told to report, when they are told to report it, and that includes the so-called conservative media and yes, even those on the right like Sean Hannity, Mark Levin, and all of Fox news. (Don’t forget that the radio network that employs Hannity and Levin told them to avoid certain topics or their jobs were forfeit.)

So with that in mind, just why have the media outlets spent so much time reporting on how police screwed the pooch by the numbers in the Uvalde shooting? After all, talk like this obscures the gun control message. Are they trying to make local cops look bad so they can put some kind of national police force in place? Is there something else happening that they are trying to distract us from? Why did the school board refuse to fire the Uvalde Schools Police Chief?

I am trying to see the big picture here, and I don’t understand it. Sometimes the picture appears to be so muddy.

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United States Police Force · June 5, 2022 at 10:19 am

JoJo Bidet the Stalking Horse approved some fresh printing press spending for community policing in the spirit of egalitarian unity.
Online says the Uvalde police chief moved over to town council and the shemale’s grandmother held the door open for the fabulous rainbow shooter, the UPD is no longer cooperating with the whitewash err I mean investigation.
The Uniparty comrades of the Grand Old Politburo and CPUSA won’t rest until there is nothing but a smoking crater of socialist ruin but at least the precious indispensable equality will finally be achieved.
Fundamentally Transformed into West South Africa in two years is certainly historic.
You have to burn it all down in order to build it back better.

Anonymous · June 5, 2022 at 10:47 am

Mainstream media everywhere pretend to be watchdogs for the middle class, calling out the powerful when they misbehave. To support this narrative they need to bark about official misbehavior from time to time. This is that.

Big Ruckus D · June 5, 2022 at 10:50 am

The uncharacteristic lack of a full court press cover up (to the benefit of the police) has been one of the more unlikely developments of the case. I even pointed that out some days ago, and openly questioned it, because it was so far removed from how this type of situation would typically be spun.

I don’t have anything more than theories to explain it at present. The left (as is so typical of the dissonance in their cognition) simultaneously loves and hates the police. The love is from the police being the instrument through which the govt monopoly on force is applied, which the left both needs and looks forward to with a certain amount of relish. The hate is from the police actually enforcing standards and peridocially forgetting who is untouchable, thus applying that force to a perp from a protected class. This, they cannot allow.

And yes, giving the UPD repeated kicks in the nutsack via the media has badly undermined the opportunistic political messaging around gun control that they sought to exploit so shamelessly. In that sense it has been counterproductive in the extreme.

I am starting to wonder if the left has become so untethered from reality that their effectiveness is starting to suffer under the weight of too many delusions casusing too much infighting to mount a successful juggernaut. I don’t underestimate these pricks, because doing so is dangerous. But they are certainly not projecting an image of strength and unity right now. Rather, they look liie of a bunch of self interested assholes (because they are, in point of fact) with too many competing agendas battling over control of the narrative for any one of them to be effectively implemented.

It’s like political ADHD on meth, and I start to think they are incapable of focusing enough of the machine – and the troops needed to run it – to implememt much outside of general chaos. Of course, that alone is bad enough that it now has the country fucked economically, and quite possibly militarily as they keep poking Russia in the chest and taunting “you want some of this? Well do ya?”.

But they are simultaneously distracted with gun control, abortion, the green energy scam, tyranny via healthcare through covid (which is off the front page now, but still available for further exploitation come winter), monkeypox on deck as possibly being the next exploitable health scare, transfaggotry, and numerous other lesser bullet points. Meanwhile, they are taking a beating over gas and food prices, and lack of infant formula. Soon to include the housing market, and probably the stock market as well.

Even while the unfavorable reporting on all those is being suppressed, the largely unthinking normie public is feeling the sting of it all right in the ass. Not really a recipe for building omnipotent power over a neo-feudal soceity. Which is why they will lose control of it, and then try and resort to mass-scale genocide to tamp down the resulting anger at how bad things have gotten. That always ends up being the final play when the wheels come off.

y · June 5, 2022 at 2:39 pm

I have a sick feeling that it’s part of the big plan to eliminate local and state police, to be replaced by a federal police force. “See how much the locals suck? You don’t professionalize unless you federalize” to re-use similar words that Daschle used to unionize the TSA 20 years ago.

The thought of what that fed police force would look like makes my blood run cold. You think the FBI is bad now? This would be worse than that, and everywhere.

    Divemedic · June 5, 2022 at 3:04 pm

    and less likely to be friendly with locals. You could have cops from California working in Georgia and less likely to be related to local residents.
    I’m sure that new immigrants would be welcomed with open arms into this new, Federal police force.

      Worst Case · June 6, 2022 at 12:49 pm

      Once enough trucking companies go under because of the high cost of fuel, what if trucking is federalized?

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