According to the IRS, for fiscal year 2006, the U.S. government took in $2.407 Trillion and spent $2.655 trillion. The money was spent thusly:

$955 billion was spent on Medicare, Social Security, and Social Security Disability
$504 Billion was spent on Social (Welfare) Programs (including public health)
$319 Billion was spent on Physical, human, and community development

meaning that over $1,778 Billion, (or 67%) of the total outlays was for wealth redistribution efforts.

$212 billion went to pay interest on our staggering National debt.

The remaining $675 billion of the budget paid for National Defense, Veteran’s Benefits, Law Enforcement, and general government.

The source of the $2.407 in tax money the government took in?
$1708 Billion of it was in payroll taxes
$313 billion from corporate taxes
$217 billion was borrowed
$168 billion was from all other taxes

What does all of this mean?
If giveaway programs were eliminated, the United States government could operate with the payroll taxes eliminated and replaced by a 5% sales tax. That would cost you less than what social security currently does.

Fat chance getting the people weaned off the government handout, though.

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