The left loves to call people on the right “fascists,” but it is the left who is cheering on the censorship of those who say things that they disagree with. It is the left that is tampering with elections, locking the citizens in their homes,  and interfering with private contracts.  

It is the left who is blocking justice by physically blocking those on the right from entering courthouses to seek legal remedies, and threatening their attorneys with violence and death in a nationwide conspiracy to subvert justice. They are threatening and doxing government officials for enforcing election laws.  

It is the left that is making an enemies list. It is the left that is planning to put those who disagree with them into camps

We are at an important crossroads. If we fail to stop the left and their onslaught now, we will have far more difficult times ahead. The true fascists are coming, and they are no longer even trying to hide it. 

I know that there are those who think that I am being alarmist, but ask yourself this: 

What would you have though if last Thanksgiving, someone had posted the headlines below. Would you have called him alarmist? Crazy? 

Citizens locked in their homes for months. Businesses closed. Riots burning over 100 cities. An election subverted. Armed insurrectionists openly marching in the streets. Democrats openly making enemies lists and demanding reeducation camps.

The signs are there. Sure, many of us are still in denial, but the war is here. It is at your door. Our nation, our government, our way of life are under attack. If we don’t fight now, then when? 

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