Police in Central Florida now have a device that tracks the speed of every vehicle within range, records plates of all moving and parked vehicles, and automatically issues citations. Not only that, the system tracks the location of every license plate it passes, and the information is stored in a police database. Are you a politician or citizen that votes for cop paycuts? Well, the cops know where you have been, and let’s just say that you better change your tune, if you don’t want the information made public, or you don’t want some free lance “asset forfeiture.”

The Ekin Patrol, automated violations.

Welcome to the police state.

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Anonymous · November 5, 2014 at 3:37 pm

So much for the right to face your accuser.

I guess people were right when they said "slippery slope" to automated speeding cams, and red light cams. Hmm. Imagine that.


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