My wife went back to work this morning. They are micromanaging so much, it is incredible. Even though teachers are salaried employees, the ones at her school are being forced to punch a time clock to make sure that they are working the prescribed number of hours.

The students will be working online. Here are the rules:
– teachers must set up a system of one way communication where students receive communications once per day from teachers
– another one way line of communication for students to submit work
– Teachers are also required to set up a system of two way communication between students and themselves, and ensure that each student communicates one on one with them each day. Administrators are to have access to this line of communication, so they can monitor what teachers are saying to students. (chat sessions?)

Once this is accomplished, teachers may work from home, subject to the following restrictions:
– teachers are to spend 7:30am to 3:30 pm at least in front of computer, doing school related work.
– electronic time clock will be installed on their computer to confirm this
– teachers are subject to home visits from administrators to ensure compliance
– All costs for utilities, Internet, electronic devices, and other expenses are to be the responsibility of the teacher. If any software needs to be purchased that is not already provided by the school, that is also the responsibility of the teacher.

I am glad that I don’t work there. I also assure you that I will not permit some administrator into my house for an inspection, unless they want to pay me a stipend for renting office space from me at the prevailing local rate, which is $3.75 per square foot per month. Of course, they will just claim that she will have to work on campus once that comes to a head.

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