There are many people out there who actively oppose gun ownership by private citizens, themselves and their security details excluded, of course. They are not the ones that you can convince that the antigun position is silly and illogical. The ones that you can convince are the ones who only say that they oppose guns, but do not run around and try to force the issue.

When I first start dating (or even when I first meet) people, I rarely mention being a gun owner. In fact, in many cases I fail to mention that I routinely carry a gun, because I believe that opening a friendship or relationship with, “I have a gun in my pocket” is boorish and a sure sign of a lonely chronic masturbator who spends his Saturday nights looking for midget porn and playing World of Warcraft.

About nine years ago, I dated a woman who was from a typical south Florida Jewish family. Many of these south Florida Jews are fresh from the New York area, and the Liberal bias displayed down there is pretty strong, as demonstrated by the number of blue counties down there in the last election. She was of the opinion that gun ownership should be restricted.

When, a month or two into our relationship, I finally told her that I carried a gun, she was mildly horrified. One day shortly thereafter, we were entering a bank when she told me that she was surprised that people with concealed weapons were allowed to enter a bank. I replied, “Yes, all bank robbers would get jobs and stop robbing banks, if only we made it illegal to enter a bank with a gun.”  She conceded my point that a person willing to rob a bank was willing to ignore a law against carrying a gun, and how silly such a law would be.

This was the beginning of her epiphany. She eventually came around to a more logical way of thinking, and changed her mind on guns. This is how we win, through logic and reason.

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TOTWTYTR · May 19, 2011 at 4:37 pm

When we first got married, Mrs. TOTWTYTR was mildly anti gun. Well, that's when she thought about them at all. Which, like most people, she didn't do frequently. She knew I had a couple of hand guns, but that was the end of it.

One day we went into "the city" which required a ride on the transit system. We got on the train for the ride in and she noticed some shady characters riding along with us.

She turned towards me and whispered, "Did you bring your friend with you?" I assured I had. She never questioned my gun ownership again. Although she does wonder at the number of firearms that I own, but that's a different story.

CelticGirl · May 20, 2011 at 2:47 am

Then there was your most fabulous roomie who waited until about 2 weeks after you'd moved in to leave out her copy of "Armed & Female" so you would know HER position on guns! : )

Lawyer · May 21, 2011 at 11:55 am

I have to agree with you. I have never been accused of being "normal," I'm not exactly hard to get along with. I want people to get to know me first, without having to deal with the gun issue as well. Once they know who I am, even if they are anti-gun, they are forced to admit that I do not fit their preconceived notions of gun owners.

I may not bring them all to "our" side, but I take pleasure in removing friends from "theirs."

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