This  video is making the rounds of Social Media.

This video is pretty accurate. Let me explain why:

All 11th grade students in the state of Florida MUST take US History. At the end of this class there is a test called the EOC. That exam is used not only to rate the student, but the results of that test are used to rate the teacher AND the school. Whether or not teachers keep their jobs, and the amount of school funding, it determined by the scores on this exam. It is very difficult to cover everything that

With that being said, here are the standards (called benchmarks) that detail what a student must learn for US History. They are set by the Florida Department of Education. Read them carefully. There is not one benchmark that covers anything that happens before the Civil War. However, 20 of the 121 benchmarks concerned some form of identity politics. US history, and not one word about the American Revolution, the Constitution, the Louisiana Purchase, or anything else before 1860, but a fifth of the class concerns identity politics.

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Jonathan H · July 5, 2020 at 7:38 am

That is sad, but unfortunately not surprising.

However, you might want to check your math – 20 of 129 is about one sixth, not one fifth.

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