Every year, teachers begin their school year a week or two before students. This time is used to cover new policies, goals, and other changes to education from the previous school year. 

Last year, we were told that black students were being suspended at twice the rate of other demographics. They told us that this is because we as teachers are inherently racist. 
This year, I am guess they are going to double down. Here is an announcement from one Florida school board that all teachers will be required to attend a racial sensitivity class where they will learn, “If a Black kid comes to class and stands up, and is animated waving his arms while discussing an uncomfortable subject, that does not mean he is a threat to the class. He just wants his voice heard.”
Of course, I always thought that a student standing up in the middle of class and talking out of turn to be a disruption, but I guess that is because I am a racist. 
Four years ago, they demanded that we teach students about the “gay and lesbian lifestyle” and even gave us a pamphlet that they wanted us to follow. 
I am guessing that this is going to be a statewide, if not nationwide, thing. This is going to continue to be used to get rid of people who are not reliable Communists. 
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Therefore · July 8, 2020 at 12:17 pm

My lady teaches elementary students. A few years ago they had a very disruptive monster in the class. About once or twice a week said monster would go off.

Going off meant throwing chairs and books around the room at teachers and students. My lady has all the required certs and training to do physical restraints of such children.

She's part of the QRF for the school. But this kids parents had filed "don't you dare touch my little angel" papers with the school.

This meant that if the kid ran up and gave my lady a hug, she could get in trouble. If she or anybody at the school touched the kid as he was attempting battery on them, they would be in trouble.

So when said monster did act out, the response was to clear the room as fast as possible and wait for monster to let them back in.

Twenty some kids had a horrible learning experience that year. All because of one disruptive kid.

What happens when every PoC learns that they own the classroom?

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