I wanted to go SCUBA diving with my wife. My wife wants to buy an IPad. I told her that I thought we didn’t need an IPad, because we already own 3 desktop Windows machines, a Windows laptop, an Apple Laptop, and 3 smartphones. (One desk top and one laptop are mine, the rest are hers).

She has this compulsive need to buy the latest gizmo every time one comes out. We cannot afford to do both, as my wife was laid off from her job last month. After this discussion, I gave in and told her that she could buy it. She is now not speaking to me, because she didn’t like my tone of voice when I caved. Not only must I give in, but apparently I have to ENJOY caving in so I can buy her something that not only is unnecessary, but that is redundant in that we already own other things that can do what the IPad can do.

Oh, and to boot- she gave me a hard time because I bought a copy of Weird Science for $10 when I ordered my text books for the semester.

OK, rant over.

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