Because I like to look at numbers, let’s take a look at US death numbers for the first 20 weeks of 2020 and compare them to the numbers for the first 20 weeks of 2019.

For the first 20 weeks of this year, there have been 1,151,067 deaths in the USA. 
For the first 20 weeks of 2019, there were 1,134,396 deaths in the USA.
Meaning that there were 16,671 more deaths for the same period in 2020 than there were in 2019. 
Even so, the powers that be are claiming over 91,027 dead from COVID 19 for the same period. 
The CDC listed Flu related pneumonia deaths for the first 20 weeks of 2019 as being 171,184.
For flu related pneumonia in 2020, the number of deaths has been listed at 104,341.
If you take the difference in flu related pneumonia, reclassify those viral pneumonias as being COVID related instead, then add in the 16,671 additional deaths for 2020, you arrive at the figure of 83,514.
It appears as though many viral pneumonias are being reclassified as “presumed COVID” while last year, they were being classified as “presumed influenza.” The reason is that many of the symptoms are the same, and if a patient has been symptomatic for more than 5 days, hospitals don’t bother testing for influenza because there is no difference in treatment between influenza and other viral pneumonias.
Source: CDC influenza statistics spreadsheet, found:
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Jess · May 24, 2020 at 6:05 pm

Realistically, the actual deaths from Covid 19 will never be known. Unfortunately, since it's an election year, and there's an agenda to create more government control, corrupted statistics will be reported. Eventually the false information will be assumed as facts, and important information will forever be tarnished by lies.

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