To wrap up our discussion of evacuation drills: We have the 90 minute and 9 hour drills. These assume a situation where we may never see the house again, but there is some time to prepare. The movie Red Dawn is similar to that. They evacuated the school to their first rally point, Dad’s hardware store. Then they activated the 90 minute plan and headed for the mountains. (I had to throw in the obligatory 80s movie reference.)

To begin, we grab our 9 minute stuff. Add to that: 4 cases MREs, 4 boxes mountain house freeze dried, a case of pet food, and our camping box. This box contains a pair of two man tents, propane stoves, propane lamps, and all associated hoses, fittings, and camp cookware/flatware. Cans of ammo and the rest of the guns fill out the equipment. We also bring all of our important paperwork. That is the 90 minute drill.

The 9 hour drill is designed primarily for hurricanes, and is the same as the 90 minute one, except we take the time to board up the house, pick up debris and stuff outside and store it in the garage along with our second vehicle.

I have used the 9 minute version several times when being deployed for disasters and such, and it seems to work well, even though I refine it a bit every time it is used.

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