I have had a rash of problems getting products that I have ordered. There is no real pattern to it.

For example, I had an order from Bulletproof Everyone that took forever because they just didn’t ship it.

An order from Brownell’s was lost by Fedex

and now, my $400 handguard from Brigand arms is missing. I ordered it on November 19. I got a notice from them that it shipped the next day. The USPS tracking says that they are still awaiting the package. I contacted Brigand Arms, and they swear to me that they shipped it. They have put a trace on the package, but here I sit, still waiting on the last parts I need to complete my rifle build. Either USPS or Brigand Arms has lost my order. 

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SiGraybeard · December 4, 2020 at 4:20 pm

I've ordered a few things in the last month or 6 weeks and nothing bad happened. Everything was delivered on time except some steel and brass bar stock that was delayed around Thanksgiving. Still got here, though.

These things don't appear to be the same. Bulletproof sounds like a douchebag company (and we all get bit by one sooner or later), but the Brownell's and Brigand Arms packages sound like they're being singled out for having orders stolen because of being firearms related. As in an inside job at the shipping company.

Jonathan H · December 4, 2020 at 6:49 pm

Last year I had an ammo order that never got scanned from the shipper (a company I hadn't ordered from before). I finally talked them into resendng it.
Recently? I haven't had issues other than USPS items delivered a day after the tracking says they were. But I haven't dealt with big gun companies much recently.

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