So today, I read about an 11 year old that is pregnant because she was at a sleepover, and the 36 year old man who lives there, while high on Lortabs and Xanny bars, mistook her for his wife and had his way with her.

Then I read about the Canadian 14 year old that is on her third pregnancy with her 35 year old boyfriend. Where are the parents in all this?

Before I was retired, I held the record for medics in the area, by transporting a 12 year old girl to the hospital who was in active labor. I just can’t understand this sort of thing.

One thing I do  wonder, is why are girls hitting menarche earlier and earlier?

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Anonymous · June 1, 2012 at 2:08 pm

Hormones in the food they eat.

Or so as my gaia-mother daughter in law spews whenever she gets the chance.

Soetimes I wonder if that moonchild is right.


Oh, and as a ps ….where is the arrest of the male that "raped" all of these underage children!??!?!

Divemedic · June 1, 2012 at 2:25 pm

Menarche is triggered by a number of factors, and one of them is body fat percentage. As the average body mass of the world increases because of less disease and more abundant nutrition, this system is activated earlier.
This appears to be genetic a response to better living conditions. Famine will do the opposite. Sort of like natural selection is attempting to correct for environmental factors.

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