5 days for committing felony battery, and for threatening to arrest the guy under false pretenses? His job is to prevent crime, not commit it. How can you completely violate the purpose of your job and still keep it? Become a cop, then you are above the law. You can even read the arrest reports here. This douchebag cop even tried to find a way to have the guy he punched arrested.

Even better? He is a school resource officer. This unhinged asshole is carrying a firearm around your kids. What happens the next time he loses his cool after a 15 year old kid calls him an asshole?

If I did something like this at work, I would lose my fucking job, and rightfully so. I used to be a HUGE supporter of police. No longer. They, as near as I can tell, are little more than an armed criminal gang with delusions of adequacy. Bolstered in their bravado and tyranny is the fact that cops have qualified immunity and the “thin blue line” bullshit to do whatever they wish and walk away without a concern for legal consequences.

IMO, as soon as he flashed a badge, he was depriving the victim of his rights under color of authority. There should be a law that states any time a city loses a lawsuit or pays a settlement for a cop’s bad behavior, the money to pay it should be deducted from the police pension fund. Then perhaps, with skin in the game, cops will finally clean up their own ranks, instead of covering each other’s asses.

If cops want to change my mind, and the minds of others, they need to clean up their ranks.

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Bad Dancer · February 29, 2024 at 11:00 am

And the entire LEO community will unit to Back the Blue if someone gives this bully a beat down. Bet he beats his spouse or kids too with a temper like that

Big Ruckus D · February 29, 2024 at 11:05 am

Just as would be expected, the cops have been emboldened to act this way due to a complete lack of accountability for their fuckups. Same thing we are seeing with the melanin enhanced scholars, they have now perceived they are largely untouchable, and are acting in a manner consistent with having achieved that revelation. The solution to both batches of bad actors will be much the same, and will not come from within the system that protects them both as “special classes”.

Dirty Dingus McGee · February 29, 2024 at 7:06 pm

“Yet Another Bad Apple”

Are there any good ones?

Aesop · February 29, 2024 at 8:34 pm

That’s not a bad apple.
That’s someone who should be listed as “shoot on sight or beat to a bloody pulp, no consequences” by the entire community.

Party fouls/firing offenses:
Publicly representing the department and municipality in a bad light.
He should have been summarily fired, just for either or both of those.
But wait, there’s more!

Vehicle code Infractions:
Distracted driving.
Illegal use of electronic devices.

Almost certainly a road rage enhancement.

State and federal weapons enhancements for the battery, since he’s likely armed.
Which probably bumps it to aggravated battery.
Terroristic threats.
Attempted false arrest and false imprisonment.
Deprivation of civil rights under color of authority. (Which is also a federal beef under US Code, hence automatically a felony, because there are no federal misdemeanors.)
Probably false official statements as well, since he sure as hell didn’t report nor come clean about it until the victim’s dashcam busted him, if even then.
Which is also obstruction of justice.
There may be others, depending on the jurisdiction, and IANAL, but those are just the crimes I noted in one look at the video for 51 seconds. They’re all slam-dunk prosecutable offenses.
There may be more, depending on who he told afterwards, if anyone.

Frankly, whatever review board handed out a five-day spanking for multiple misdemeanors and state and federal felonies should be charged with criminal conspiracy to deprive the victim of civil rights under color of authority, and official misconduct, then fired en masse and booked on those charges right along with him, along with any superior up to chief of department who signed off on that horseshit. Pour encourager les autres.

If the school cops fire him, arrest him at the same time, book him into gen pop like anyone else committing violent felonies, and the D.A. prosecutes him for all the crimes he just committed, including the federal ones, and he gets the maximum sentence on each charge a jury convicts him of, served consecutively, along with the max fines and no qualified immunity, without any good behavior time, the community should rescind the shoot-or-beat-down warrant, and let Dickhead go with all the time served, once he does that time, and is no longer eligible to vote, hold a bonded position nor any position of trust, own a gun, or vote, for life, as a convicted violent felon.
Otherwise, it stands as issued.

It’s probably also grounds for a low eight-figure settlement, minimum, and Officer Dickhead should be bankrupted in civil court, once again, with any sovereign immunity mandatorily rescinded. His review board should have their sovereign immunity rescinded as well, and eat the cost of their official malpractice and criminal behavior personally. “Twould be a sight to behold, for a change.

But if nothing further happens, said community warrant should be extended to his immediate family, and the departments complicit after-the-fact, both LE and judicial, starting at the top and working down.

Sic semper tyrannis.

Make Fucking Around and Finding Out Great Again.
Stupid should hurt, and to whom great authority is given, great responsibility is required.

And every day until then, that officer, his chief, and the local D.A. should have a pack of rabid citizens in the community hounding them 24/7, in their faces everywhere they go, around the clock, home, work, school, church, shopping, walking in the park, or anywhere else, until actual justice is done.

Then and only then, crap like this will stop happening.

If the cops in his department weren’t simply douchepigs, they’d have beaten Ofcr. Dickhead half to death themselves the minute this video came out, and left his bruised, bleeding, and naked body tied to a pole in front of the local courthouse, as a warning to other douchebadges on their force.

Lacking a shred of honor, they’ll do no such thing.

And they wonder why people hold the lot of them in total contempt…

    Vlad · March 1, 2024 at 2:39 pm

    I’ve ragged on Aesop before but not this time. He’s on point.

Aheainousanus · February 29, 2024 at 11:06 pm

Qualified immunity needs to go.
It is based on sovereign immunity, which means that king and his men can do whatever they want.
We don’t have a fuh-king.
This cop should had been arrested and charged with assult and battery.
The guy who got assulted should sue the city.

WDS · March 1, 2024 at 9:20 am

“He is a school resource officer.”

The (democrat) sheriff in a neighboring county protected a SRO that was preying on high schoolers and went as far as naming him “Deputy of the year”. He’s still the sheriff btw…

I have ZERO respect for world-class assholes like this.

Aesop · March 3, 2024 at 1:57 pm

Having read the arrest reports, the fellow douchebadges who followed up on this investigation informed Officer Asshole that he was already caught dead-to-rights on video committing misdemeanors and felonies, before questioning him further, whereupon he lawyered up.


That is something they’d never tell any perp up front, let alone any Joe Average, going instead for building an airtight case and going for the Perjury Trap on top of the felony arrest, and so his fellow douchebadges in the community where Officer Asshole lives should also be prosecuted for corruption, criminal conspiracy, and conspiracy to obstruct justice, and conspiracy to deprive a citizen of their civil rights under color of authority, fired for cause, prosecuted at the state and federal level, and pilloried publicly.
And the victim should sue the second city as well for civil damages, since they queered the case and conspired to tip the scales of justice, rather than playing this one fair and straight.

Crooked cops covering for crooked cops?
Color me shocked. Shocked, I say.

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