I have been reading articles like this one, and listening to politicians talk about negotiating with hard line Muslims, and I just do not think it can be done. All this man did was translate the Quran from Arabic into a language locals could understand, and for this he is condemned to death. From the link:

There is no law in Afghanistan prohibiting the translation of the Quran. But Zalmai is accused of violating Islamic Shariah law by modifying the Quran. The courts in Afghanistan, an Islamic state, are empowered to apply Shariah law when there are no applicable existing statutes.

And Afghanistan’s court system appears to be stacked against those accused of religious crimes. Judges don’t want to seem soft on potential heretics and lawyers don’t want to be seen defending them, said Afzal Shurmach Nooristani, whose Afghan Legal Aid group is defending Zalmai.

Others are mentioned as having been sentenced to death for heinous crimes like asking questions about women’s rights under Islam, or converting to Christianity. A Muslim lawyer who defends the accused in these cases said, “The mullahs in the mosques have said whoever defends an infidel is an infidel.”

This is the religion that calls itself the religion of peace, but straps bombs to their own children to kill infidels:

Just how do you negotiate with a religion that believes that their god wants you to die, and they believe it so strongly that they are willing to strap a bomb to their own children, in the hopes that when the bomb detonates that a few of you will die with their child? The simple fact is that many in the Muslim world believe that anyone who is not a true Muslim by their definition must die. The only way to stop the killing is for one side or the other to be eliminated.

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