On Friday, we went to McDonald’s for breakfast. After 24 minutes, we had still not received the 2 breakfasts that had cost us $16.88. I told an employee that they were going to make us late for work. She replied “It’s OK, I am late for work all of the time, no one cares. You will be fine.” I finally left without getting my food, because I was running late.
Maybe that attitude is the reason why you are stuck working at McDonald’s. I can’t believe that you idiots want $15 an hour.
I wrote the company an email to complain. All I got was this reply:

Hi –
Thanks for your feedback and I apologize for your experience.  I will certainly discuss this matter with our General Manager

That’s it. I will just go to a sit down diner from now on. It will take the same amount of time, likely cost about the same, and at least I will receive my food.

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