This is what intellectual liberals think of me:

You’re a scared white person, almost certainly male.
You do not live in a major city, or near a university or intellectual
hub of any note, nor have you ever traveled very far from your home
town, much less out of state or anywhere further than, say, Mexico.
Once. And that was enough.

You do not read complicated books. You do not like new or weird things. You watch lots of TV, mostly Fox News,

The truth:
 I am white. Mostly. My great grandfather was black, and another of my great grandfathers is a Cherokee. Being white is no surprise, gun owner or not, as over 75% if the country is white.
I don’t live in a major city, but neither does 92% of the US population. (Cities that have a population of 1 million or more have a total population of 25.2 million)
I live less than 50 miles from the University of Florida. Does that count?
I have lived in five states (Virginia, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, and Florida), and I have traveled to 34 of them. I have traveled to 27 foreign countries on 4 different continents. I travel constantly, with my last trip out of the country being just two weeks ago.
I am quite well read and somewhat educated. I have four college degrees. I am constantly trying new things, and I do not watch much TV (although I have to confess that I have a liking of ice hockey), and I mostly get my news from a wide variety of sources on the internet.

Sorry that I don’t fit your stereotype, you hoplophobic bigot.

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NotClauswitz · December 7, 2014 at 12:39 am

Complicated books like Thomas Pynchon writes? I bet he never even finished (or started) reading Gravity's Rainbow, let alone read it three times, or "V" at all. Get off the "Fox News" obsession-shtick. Our local broadcast affiliate is Fox and they're no different than ABC, CBS or NBC. And I've been around the world three times, to places he probably can't even pronounce. We moved away from a University's so-called "intellectual hub" – a cesspool of poisonous agenda-driven ideological shortsightedness so shrunk-in upon itself to make Naval-Gazing an expansive Global outlook.
Hoplophobic Progtard indeed.

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