This man racked up $250,000 in student loans going to college getting a Masters Degree in Music, Violin Performance. Then he chose to live a life pursing music as a professional meditation musician, but it didn’t pay him enough to make the payments on his student loans. In his own words he did not want to give up his dream of being a musician to get a job that would allow him to pay off his loans. (This is the perfect example of a useless college degree.) Here is his Linked In description of his job:

I am a meditator, musician, and web developer that is interested in finding ways these things can be combined and applied to make people’s lives more peaceful and fulfilling. My work in music technology and longterm cultural outreach has taught me just how great an impact opening perceived barriers to knowledge can have on individual lives and communities. It is meditation and this impact that motivate all of my work.

His “web developer” credentials, as posted on Linked In? He attended a single 18 week web developer boot camp. His job as a musician is for the Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center in NYC:

I develop chamber music focused classes for public school children that introduce general musical concepts and highlight its contemporary relevance.

He also gives private violin lessons to kids that want to be just as successful as he is.

His student loan debt was just wiped clean by Joe Biden. With your tax dollars.

Now he is planning a sabbatical to study with his meditation teacher in India. It’s amazing what a $250,000 gift from the taxpayers of this country will enable a spoiled New Yorker to do with this spare time.

Charles Cook from the National Review summed this up for me, and I can’t say it any better:

This year, though, I feel unusually great about paying my taxes, and for that I have to thank a 49-year-old American named Joel Lambdin, who, thanks to President Biden’s remarkable generosity with other people’s money, was recently given $250,000 from the Treasury as a reward for being a financially illiterate dilettante. As Business Insider reports, Lambdin left graduate school in 1998, but, since then, he has chosen to make almost no money. “The only way he could make a significant dent in his student loans,” Business Insider notes, “was by switching careers.” Lambdin “didn’t want to do that because he loved working in music.” So he didn’t.

He loved working in music so much, he didn’t want to pay his bills. Now that he has no bills, music can go fuck itself, he’s going meditating in India.


Dirty Dingus McGee · April 23, 2024 at 11:32 am

Being as I, or in some cases my employer, paid for all my college, what are the chances of uncle Joe cutting me a check? Yeah I checked the weather and it seems like a slim chance of a snowstorm in hell any time soon.

Also wondering if any of this “forgiveness” will be extended to trade school graduates? Probably about the time that same snowstorm hits hell.

Michael · April 23, 2024 at 1:41 pm

I met a guy not too long ago, an Arborist working for a tree trimming business. A young guy, maybe in his mid 30’s. He told me he was working on his 4th or 5th degree in college. I was kinda surprised that he felt he needed so much schooling to be an arborist. He said he didn’t. He told me that when he stops being a student, he has to start paying off his loans. He was in debt to the tune of $150k plus and didn’t want to have to pay his loans. He admitted that he really didn’t like being a full time student, but he was too in debt to quit. I always thought that if you’re in a hole, the best thing to do was to stop digging. Not this guy, to him it’s easier to try and “scam” the system than it is to pay his bills.

The River Hister · April 23, 2024 at 2:03 pm

Harold the Brain went with engineering career but is a good enough guitarist to go out on tour.
He can play Allman Brothers, Stevie Ray Vaughan & Double Trouble songs note for note, even the solos.
The Gibson, Fender, Martin, guitars are probably worth some coin.
Choose wisely whenever possible.
Evading taxes will become a national pastime just like Euro socialist utopias.

Botan · April 23, 2024 at 2:16 pm

I did 3 years in the Army that qualified me for college tuition. After the military I got a day work job (I had been working at a shift work job that precluded my doing college day or night) with a company that offered tuition assistance. I used the GI BILL to attend night school for 8 years then the GI Bill ran out and the company picked up part of the last year. 9 Years total. Night school takes longer because the best you can do is carry half the day school course load. So, I had a full time job, was going to night school 3 nights a week and teaching SCUBA diving courses one night a week and on Saturday. All while raising a family. There were days I left for work at 7 AM and didn’t get home till after midnight and didn’t see my kids awake.

Yes, the government paid for my college but that was because of my military service AND I got a marketable degree not a degree in “Basketweaving Poetry”. So I PAID for my degree with my service and job.
I would NEVER hire a person that got “Loan Forgiveness”!

Weetabix · April 23, 2024 at 2:50 pm

My daughter went to college for Violin Performance. Before she went, I told her she’d never get rich doing that and that she was allowed to take no loans. She’s an abstemious cheapskate, so the no money didn’t bother her. She loves music.

Her test scores got her free tuition. She applied for every grant or scholarship she could find. When she graduated, the college gave her a refund, and she used the money to take her sister to the UK for a month.

Later the school paid her to get a masters degree in music theory.

Today, she teaches students and performs. She’s not rich. She’s Ok with that. And no taxpayers had to forgive her for anything. So, it is possible to get a “worthless” degree without being a parasite. If only more people would do it.

jimmyPx · April 24, 2024 at 3:22 pm

I know a woman who is in her 40s who has been a full time college student since she was 18 all funded on government grants and loans.

She point blank says that she can’t ever finish school because then she would owe 100s of thousands of dollars in student loans and the best job she’s had is working at Starbucks.
After 20 years and multiple bachelor degrees, she must of hit a limit or something so now is in graduate school. Her being able to do this of course has nothing nothing at all do with her being a woman, gay and a minority — nah.

Oh and FYI she is as Lefty as they come and thinks ole Joe Biden is the best President ever due to him maybe cancelling her loans.

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