So there was a rally in Orlando yesterday, the 1200 people who were there blocked traffic downtown during rush hour. I am not sure what the Trayvon protests are about at this point. This time, they were using the incident to promote gun control, although I don’t see how any gun control, short of an outright ban, would have changed the outcome here.
I think what we are seeing is the same disaster that the Occupy movement experienced: there are so many causes that would like to take advantage of the issue that the movement is falling apart like a wave that has hit the shallows. That wave has crested, and is now falling over under its own weight.

EDITED TO ADD: This again shows the abject failure that is the gun control movement. Using this racially charged case to make a gun control rally larger only garnered 1,200 marchers in a town that is 20 miles from the courthouse where the verdict was handed down, while the NAACP convention was in town.

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