People are all upset that they can’t tell who is vaccinated and who isn’t, so they are broadcasting their vaccine status by having it tattooed on their arms. There is even a high school in New Hampshire that was writing vaccine confirmation in permanent marker on students’ hands.

But can’t those be faked? So a pair of Russian entrepreneurs has come up with QR code tattoos that can be used to identify your vaccine status. There is even talk of invisible tattoos to mark those who have been vaccinated.

Technology is offering an answer. IBM is using cell phone based digital wallets and block chains to verify vaccine status.

Bill Gates is proposing that our medical records and vaccine status be imbedded in our bodies.

Proving that today’s satire is tomorrow’s fact, the Babylon Bee is right on the spot with this. For Convenience, Vaccine Passport Can Now Be Tattooed On Your Hand Or Forehead

It started as mocking and satire.

Now it is moving towards reality.

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SiG · August 7, 2021 at 10:34 am

Ever met anyone with those Nazi camp tattoos? Back in the ’80s, I was visiting my mom and she had a friend over that she had known since the late ’40s in New York City. We were all talking around the lunch table and I noticed the numbers on her forearm. It was striking and really stuck in my memory.

joe · August 7, 2021 at 4:54 pm

since they don’t teach real history anymore, people forget what a determined man with people listening to him can do…the sheep don’t see what they are pushing for as long as their feelings aren’t hurt…social media and wokeness are the final nails in America’s coffin

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