For those who are unaware, in 2014 and 2015, the U.S. Department of Education released multiple guidelines stipulating that since Federal law bans sex discrimination in schools, that it is also discrimination to ben students from using the bathroom of their choice on the basis of gender identity. Schools that do not comply can have their funding revoked. I have pointed out that this would also mean that, using the same law, teachers could also use the bathroom of their choice. Make no mistake ,this means that those who argue for this interpretation of the law are fighting for a 40 year old man to use the same facilities as 14 year old girls.

The law as it is now says that it is discriminatory under Federal law to prohibit me from entering whatever bathroom I feel like matches my chosen gender identity. Were I still a teacher, I could walk into the girl’s bathroom, whip out my penis in full view, and take a leak. Sorry girls, some of us have a penis. Not all women have vaginas. Sick, right?

The sexual assault of a teen girl by a boy claiming to be transsexual was inevitable. There was no doubt that teen boys would lie and claim to be trannies, even when they weren’t, so that they could have access to girls.

Steven Crowder did a skit on his YouTube channel that was lampooning the Louden county case. In the skit, Alex Jones appears as an angel in a jail cell and tells a woman that she will soon become pregnant. The girl asks “Is this a miracle of immaculate conception?”

The angel Alex replies, “No that woman you are sharing your cell with is about to rape you repeatedly.” The shot changes to a man dressed as a woman standing next to the in cell toilet and urinating.

The Crowder channel was warned by YouTube that they needed to take the video down or have their channel banned from the website. The warning was attached to a one week suspension.

By definition, trannies have psychological problems. A person whose mind rejects the biological reality that they do or do not possess a Y chromosome (whichever the case may be) has something wrong with their mental processes. Don’t argue- even those who advocate for trannies’ special rights claim that the suicide rate is higher for trannies.

Yet the government is telling teachers and schools to force this on your children. Again, here is the handout that was given to teachers in Lake County, Florida when we were instructed to push the LGTBQ agenda on school children back in 2016. If you look, this plan was aimed at children from Kindergarten through high school.

Note that this received the full endorsement of the Federal Government, the teachers’ union, and the school board. They are purposely setting up your children for sexual exploitation. I told the administration at the time that I refused to discuss sexual topics with my students.

Two sides of this discussion: One side thinks that we should allow men and young girls to use the same restroom. They think that it is OK for a man dressed as a woman to discuss sex with 6 year old children. They think it is OK for an 8 year old to have sex change surgery over the objection of their parents. They believe that anyone who opposes them is a fascist who deserves to be shunned from society, jailed, or possibly executed.

The other side thinks that all of the above should be illegal.

How can those two sides reach a compromise? The answer is: they can’t. This nation is doomed. One side cannot exist while the other is still out there.

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E M Johnson · October 14, 2021 at 10:42 am

those with the appropriate skill set need to address this problem. those of us who don’t should support those efforts with no hesitation . other than due diligence against glow worm set ups

Don Curton · October 14, 2021 at 12:13 pm

This, plus CRT, carries the very definitive vibe of “awakening the sleeping dragon”. The liberals are now openly telling parents they should have no say in their child’s education or upbringing.

When we married, my wife largely ignored politics and focused on daily life. Only in the past 10 years or so has she really started paying attention. And as much as the border situation, high taxes, wars, BLM, and so on drive her nuts, to truly see her go crazy eye’d I’m gonna stab someone right now it don’t matter who full on berserker mad, bring up the state of education right now. She will seriously start loading weapons and planning death.

And I think a lot of the moderate dems (if such exist) will suddenly open their eyes. This maybe more than anything may become the straw that breaks the donkey’s back.

    EN2 SS · October 14, 2021 at 6:34 pm

    Moderate dems? They both moved to Belize, I the reports.

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