The BBRKIN gun safe sold on Amazon will open to any finger, or even toe, that is placed on the biometric reader, as one father discovered when his six year old accessed his safe and took a handgun to school.

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EN2 SS · May 23, 2023 at 2:47 pm

I bought a car safe that opens with fingerprint, key or number code. As far as I know it works great, other than it can’t read ANY of my fingerprints to set it up. Note to self, have someone with fingerprints test it. FYI so far, I haven’t found any computer that can read my fingerprints.

D · May 23, 2023 at 3:55 pm

“”We still hold a lot of like guilt for it. And we feel personally responsible but we’ve taken every action that we possibly can in my own power,” the father said.”

Uh huh… *Every* action you possibly can?

I have *NEVER* locked any of my guns in a safe. They’re all out. They’re all loaded.

None of my kids have ever done anything wrong with them.
My oldest is now 18 and my youngest turned 10 yesterday.

Every one of my kids know that guns can kill people. They all know they are only allowed to touch them with parental supervision *or* if a bag guy breaks into the house and they need to defend themselves.

Any time they’ve ever asked me “Dad, can I {look at, hold, touch} a gun?” I say “sure–let me show you how I make it ‘safe’ and then you can look at it”.

Never once have they been denied, so they never tried to “sneak”
because we don’t treat them like they’re some super secret cool awesome secret hidden treasure. We don’t even treat the damn cookie jar that way.

Several times per month, we’ll ask them if they want to target shoot. Frequently they do, but sometimes they don’t. We’ll explain how each gun works, make sure they know how to use it safely, review and re-review the “five laws”, and then they get to shoot at paper targets, tannerite, steel plates, etc…

My ten year old decided he finally wanted to shoo the 7mm mag for his birthday. He managed to get 4 rounds through it before he decided he’d better stop so his shoulder wouldn’t be sore the next day.

This moron father found out his “security” system didn’t work and his 6 year old could get access to a gun.

My security system is simpler–make sure you kids have been raised properly, so they won’t do stupid stuff if they ever come across a gun.

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