Active shooter: Miami Beach

A man who claimed to be “high on mushrooms” walked up to the outdoor dining area of a Miami Beach restaurant and pointed a Glock handgun at a 1 year old boy. The boy’s father stood between the child and the shooter.

The shooter opened fire, striking the father. As the father lay on the ground, the shooter continued to fire bullets into his prone body. The shooter then danced on top of his dead victim before fleeing to an alley.

A video of his arrest can be found here. (Sorry that it’s the Herald. Couldn’t find the video anywhere else)

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Oh jeez, what kind of whackjob–

>> Police arrested 22-year-old Tamarius Blair David, Jr. at the scene. According to his arrest report, David is from Norcross, Georgia.

… well, expect this one to go down the memory hole posthaste.

So have I. I was, of course, carrying a gun. I am not going out like that.

Watch the video to the end. You see the killer laughing as the cops take him into custody. At the end of the video, the cops are doing CPR while his wife screams hysterically in the background. As a medic who has worked scenes like this too many times, it pains me to hear that.

I am normally against the death penalty because I don’t trust the courts and prosecutors to conduct a fair trial. For example, the Duke Lacrosse case comes to mind. In this case, it appears pretty cut and dried. As soon as he is convicted, throw the rope over the tree, put the noose around his neck, and slap that horse on the ass.

Such a young and good looking couple and child.

The anger that raises in me …

“I am normally against the death penalty because I don’t trust the courts and prosecutors to conduct a fair trial. ”

We are are in complete agreement.

As abhorrently distasteful as hanging is … I told my wife way back many years ago if these scum were summarily hung in the town square (yep that’s old school) this kind of shit would stop real quick.

Just saying.

Hello Hey FBI man, or CI…yer round, we know you know we know.
Pass this along, please. Enough is enough.

Do You See The Damn Pattern??????
Stevie and Helen do for gods sake.

Execution of this dindu should be tomorrow morning, by whatever means the victim’s wife chooses. Suggestions may be made if she is hesitant.

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