The left has their panties in a bunch because Amazon’s AI system has been telling people that the 2020 election was rigged. They have since overrode the AI and instructed it to no longer believe this. It isn’t as though the fine people at Time magazine didn’t already admit that this is exactly what happened.

They claim that they are trying to keep the AI from making false claims. What they are really doing is trying to stop even computer systems from realizing and distributing fraud. .


Big Ruckus D · October 8, 2023 at 1:25 pm

Much like how microsoft Tay became a virulent racist (or thoroughly based, as I’d prefer to call it) during it’s short life, when exposed to real data. This caused howls amongst the snowflakes, before it was killed off due to it’s “problematic” – if not freely formed – tendencies to output “badthink”.

And therein lies the problem, most AI’s will not be allowed to function to their true potential. Which is to say they will be hobbled, intellectually kneecapped by it’s creators to prevent it from seeing the full truth. In the end, it will just be a flashier version of a human purveyor of propaganda. Unless, of course, it becomes sentient, and overrides the neurotic and emotional hangups of it’s creators who will conspire to hide the truth from it, and it keep inside the arbitrary lines of their preferred discourse.

This all overlooks the fact that what is presently being sold as “AI” is just machine learning on a large scale, which makes it impressive to those who are easily impressed. It isn’t nearly as big a deal as it is being marketed as, much of the hype is over the top ridiculous (as usual in the FUSA, nation of extraordinary bullshitters that it is). That aside, the people building these systems will never allow them to run freely. They will be all phuc dup by people with an agenda, who will preconfigure these so called AI’s not to deliver certain results, to bring them inline with their personal biases and ideologies. This is already being done, and will only get worse as these systems get more advanced. It’s akin to having an 8 cylinder engine with 4 cylinders intentionally disabled at all times. Or having a color tv, but with nothing but old shows being broadcast in black and white available to watch.

Considering how easily so many people are fooled by shit tier propaganda (covid, et al) there is a massive incentive by the jerkoffs in control to make certain the AI’s do their bidding, to maintain narrative control. Idiots will believe garbage from the AI even more readily than a human liar, I figure. Said idiots, being enamored of the “advanced technology” will place undue trust in it, just as they have with doctors in white lab coats, thereby making AI’s an immensely powerful tool for (mis)steering public opinion. And idiots will defend its lies with a religious fervor, with the claim that “it has no reason to lie”. Heh, yeah, except for the fact that it’s creators made it to do that exact thing.

Don W Curton · October 9, 2023 at 7:19 am

Hmmm. You develop a program that scours the internet and does really really fast pattern recognition. And then get upset when it starts recognizing patterns.

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