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Al Qaeda won

If someone had told you 20 years ago, as you watched the towers fall, that our military would flee from Afghanistan, leaving their weapons and Americans civilians behind, and there would be a Muslim woman on television, telling our nation’s teachers to teach children that the 9-11 attackers were not terrorists, and avoid promoting American exceptionalism, would you have believed it?

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The “terrorists” won when TSA was created. We’ve been moving headlong toward communism for 20 years, and most people didn’t even realize it. They’ll find out soon enough, and boy, it’s gonna hurt.

One of the best indicators was not just the expansion of the ‘security’ apparatus, but the resolute denial of the motives and nature of the attacker. The date of the attack alone belied the unitarian platitudes of the western regimes.

I haven’t flown since the TSA was inflicted upon us.
I said at the time, “anyone who can stand by and watch a government goon molest their children will put up with anything”.

Unfortunately, 2020 proved me right.

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