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Ammo Prices Surging Again

The Biden administration is cutting civilian ammo supplies off. When the news broke, I upped my ammo order above what I usually get. When I placed the order on Wednesday, 1,000 rounds of Winchester green tip was selling at 2A warehouse for $499. By 9 pm on Thursday night, that price had increased to $550.

On June 8, a 420 round can of green tip on stripper clips was $272. By 9 pm on June 16, that same can was up to $293.

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Thanks DiveMedic, I ordered two cans of the 420, pre-price increase! Also picked up a handful of PMAG G3’s.

Some places are rising, others aren’t.
I doubt this will stand up; the management contract includes this and any change would have to go through contracting.
It’s the same reason that many government contractors didn’t require vaccination – it wasn’t in their contracts and Biden isn’t a contracting officer, so can’t change them.

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