Why not $250 an hour?

Then we would all be rich.

Our politicians are morons.

However, I fully support this. As a nurse, I can currently get a 10 week travel contract to California paying $3k a week plus per diem for expenses. Under this plan, nursing contracts would go up to $10k a week or more. I could take one contract a year and be retired for the other 42 weeks a year.

Tests Favor Rich People…

The left is claiming that standardized testing is more a measure of the wealth of the households that the test taker live in than it is a measure of student achievement. They cite a study that found a correlation between test scores and affluence.

I agree that affluence and success on standardized tests are correlated. However, as is often said, correlation does not prove causation, but causation does require correlation. In this case, I do agree that students who test well are more likely to come from affluent households. The reason for this is simple: a person who values knowledge or is intelligent is more likely to pass these traits on to their offspring.

The basic theory here for the left is that all people are equal, meaning the same. If all people are the same, than any disparate outcome MUST be due to some unfair advantage and not due to the poor choices made by the loser. That is false, and demonstrably so.

As an example, Asian culture values the family and respect for elders as well as considering education to be a gift. For those reasons, Asian families support and push their children to work hard, respect teachers, and succeed. This is why Asians score so well on tests, earn high grades, and are generally successful in life at a rate higher than any other demographic.

On the other end of the spectrum, black families are usually single parent households, with there being little to no respect for authority figures, and possess a general dislike for education, work, or testing. As a result, blacks score lower on tests, are more likely to be lawbreakers, and are more likely to be victims of crime. This lack of work ethic, nuclear families, or respect for education is reflected in their lack of success at, well, anything.

This would be true within these demographics as well- the more respect there is for work, the more likely there will be success.

For the left, testing HAS to be eliminated. They have been claiming that math is racist. English is racist. Testing is racist. So is the credit scoring system, economics, the criminal justice system, and every thing else that exposes the left for what it is- the last refuge of people who are such losers in life that all they can do is vote for a living, and the politicians who use them as useful idiots to garner money and power for themselves.

That’s why any white person who wins is somehow a racist cheater.


There is a tranny at work. It’s the most fucked up thing ever. This dude has a woman’s haircut, but Don Johnson style stubble. He wears women’s clothes and facial expressions like Dana Carvey doing the Church Lady.

This is so insulting to actual women. This is what these crazy freaks think a woman is: a hairstyle, some clothes, and a stupid expression. Then we are all expected to pretend that he is actually a woman.

Don’t get me wrong- I am not an asshole to him. I’m cordial, because he obviously is mentally ill. Any man who thinks he is a woman must be. I’m not mean to people with diseases- I mean I won’t bully or make fun of crippled people. I just carefully avoid talking to him unless work duties require me to do so.

Every conversation that you have with these nutcases places your job at risk. It’s a political minefield. So I just avoid him as much as I can.

Useless Boondoggle

The city of Chicago spent $49 on Shotspotter, costing the city a quarter of a million bucks for each Shotspotter arrest, with the system missing 99% of the shots fired. Even when the system DOES work, it takes Chicago PD more than half an hour to respond to one of their own being shot and killed.

In a city where it takes cops a half an hour to respond to a cop being shot, how long will you have to wait when you call them to report the killer breaking into your home?

Answer: The rest of your life.

States Ignoring SCOTUS

The Hawaii Supreme Court has ruled that SCOTUS was wrong in the decisions in Bruen and in Heller. For that reason, they have ruled that a man can be prosecuted for rights protected by the Constitution, and have reinstated his case.

I am not interested in litigating the case here. I am interested in pointing out that the states are increasingly ignoring the decisions of the Federal courts. This can only end in one place- the complete collapse of the system of government of the US.