Failure of Education

Disagree with Science

Let’s say that you run one of the largest school systems in the world. Now let’s say that the science shows that black and Hispanic students are not as smart and talented as other kids. How can you trust the science when the science is races an sheeit.

I know- eliminate the science. Now all kids are the same.


Second Place

China is launching technologically advanced missiles that orbit the Earth before reaching their target. The US President can’t straighten out logistical issues because he is a senile grifter who cares more about becoming rich by selling out the nation, and meanwhile the Transportation secretary is on family leave.


Not racism

Way back when I was still in the military, I was once home on leave and attempted to buy beer. At that time, if you were in the military and stationed outside of Florida, your driver’s license was renewed by mail. Instead of a picture, the license read “Valid without photo.” I presented that license, together with my Military ID, to the clerk. He looked at them, declared them to be fake, and refused to sell me anything. He also called the cops. The arriving cop had never seen such a thing, put me in cuffs and called his sergeant. When the sergeant arrived, I was let go with an apology. I accepted it and went on with my life.

To bad this woman couldn’t. This wasn’t racism and it didn’t happen because she is black. It happened because she was an E6 at only 22 years old. Admittedly, I was in the service a long time ago, but the fastest I saw anyone make E6 was six years. That same guy made E7 in just less than nine years.

Apparently this diversity hire managed to join, make E6, graduate college with a 4 year degree, then attend OCS and become an officer, all before the age of 23.

If that isn’t a free ride because she is a minority female, I would be surprised. And yes, that last comment sounds racist because it is. Being a black woman is the only way to earn a 4 year degree, attend 4 months of OCS, and still earn 5 promotions, all in 5 years. The minimum time in service to make E6 in the army is supposed to be 84 months.



I read about an injury on the set of America’s got talent. It was an escape stunt where the stunt man was suspended between two swinging cars. The man needed to escape in order to not be crushed by the cars.

He didn’t make it in time and was seriously injured.

My opinion is that the so called stunt man was an untalented amateur who had no idea what he was doing. The people in charge of that show are no better. The situation is perfectly summed up by Penn Gilette.

I believe it’s morally wrong to do things on stage that are really dangerous. It makes the audience complicit in unnecessary risk.

Stunts like this should carry the APPEARANCE of danger, but not the reality. This is how a professional does it:

Power Grab


This has to be a joke. On the one hand, we have cops who are trying to act like they are total badasses that make SEALs look like wimps, and on the other, we have Capitol police who need comfort dogs to deal with having to hear other cops asking for backup over the radio.

U.S. Capitol Police officer Jeffrey Albanese, a 14-year veteran, said his role on Jan. 6 was to make sure all emergency personnel who needed to be in the Capitol could enter.

But what haunts him is having listened to radio calls from officers in distress.

This is pure emotional manipulation. They want people to feel sorry for the Capitol police.


How to get killed in one easy lesson

World War 2 training film

Police State tyranny

Louden County Sheriff chooses to side with the communists

Let me warn you now that what I am about to tell you is not pretty, but I am going to describe what happened in detail, because the only way to fight evil is to understand the evil that you are facing. The events that happened in that school were verified with DNA evidence, and the boy was arrested.

A high school boy in Louden County, Virginia put on a skirt and claimed to be “gender fluid,” meaning he can decide from one minute to the next what gender he identifies as.

On May 28, that boy entered a girl’s restroom at the Stone Bridge High School, where he found the 15-year-old daughter of Scott Smith. Over the next 15 minutes, he forcibly placed his penis into the mouth and rectum of that teenaged girl, brutally raping her for a quarter of an hour. After being sodomized, the girl was examined in a local hospital, where DNA confirmed her story. That teenage girl will be psychologically traumatized for the rest of her life by the events that took place in that school bathroom. Months later, in late summer, the boy was arrested and charged with two counts of forcible sodomy, one count of anal sodomy, and one count of forcible fellatio.

As far as the school district, all that they did for discipline was transfer the boy to a nearby high school, Broad Run High School in Ashburn, Virginia, where on October 6, he attacked another teen female.

On June 23, the school board of Louden county was having a meeting, where they were to vote to allow students to use the bathroom of the gender that they identify as. Scott Smith was there to speak in opposition to that proposal. During the meeting, school superintendent Scott Ziegler flat-out lied to those assembled when he said, “The predator transgender student or person simply does not exist. We don’t have any record of assaults occurring in our restrooms.”

When Scott Smith got up to speak in disagreement, he was confronted by a pro tranny activist named Jackie Schworm. She shouted Mr Smith down, and threatened to dox him and eliminate his livelihood. It was then that sheriff’s deputies took sides. I will let you watch what happened next:

They tackled and arrested him. Just watching this video makes my blood boil. These cops are actively supporting rape for political points.

Other parents who were present spoke up, so the cops declared that the entire meeting was “an unlawful assembly” and ordered all of the parents to leave or be arrested for trespassing.

Then the school board association declared that Mr Smith was a “domestic terrorist” who was deserving of having the full power of the Federal government brought to bear upon his head.

If ever there was any question of who the police will support, you see it here. I know what some of you are thinking, “My buddy is a cop. He is a good guy, and would never support this.” Bullshit. If you ever get crossed with a cop, your buddy will side with that cop EVERY time. He will choose his fellow cop and his pension over ANYONE, possibly even his own mother, wife, and children. Don’t think for one second that your cop friend will side with you.

This is policing in America- arresting people who want to redress their grievance over policies that allow trannies to ass rape their daughters.

War on the Right

Eliminate the Counter revolutionaries

It happens like clockwork, every time communists carry out a revolution, that revolution needs to get rid of those who would oppose them. The left is following the CIA insurgency manual step by step. We are in the violent stage of the campaign. Part of that stage is the elimination of those who would oppose them.

That is why there are show trials. Parents speak out at a school board meeting? They must be silenced and arrested. A father is angry that a left wing darling raped is daughter? He must be thrown in the gulag. A teacher speaks out that your kids are being indoctrinated? Fire her. Imprison military officers who won’t go along.

My advice? The wheels are coming off quickly. Rush preparations to completion.

Ensure that you have all that you need to weather this storm. The clock is running out.

Tranny Insanity

A frank discussion

For those who are unaware, in 2014 and 2015, the U.S. Department of Education released multiple guidelines stipulating that since Federal law bans sex discrimination in schools, that it is also discrimination to ben students from using the bathroom of their choice on the basis of gender identity. Schools that do not comply can have their funding revoked. I have pointed out that this would also mean that, using the same law, teachers could also use the bathroom of their choice. Make no mistake ,this means that those who argue for this interpretation of the law are fighting for a 40 year old man to use the same facilities as 14 year old girls.

The law as it is now says that it is discriminatory under Federal law to prohibit me from entering whatever bathroom I feel like matches my chosen gender identity. Were I still a teacher, I could walk into the girl’s bathroom, whip out my penis in full view, and take a leak. Sorry girls, some of us have a penis. Not all women have vaginas. Sick, right?

The sexual assault of a teen girl by a boy claiming to be transsexual was inevitable. There was no doubt that teen boys would lie and claim to be trannies, even when they weren’t, so that they could have access to girls.

Steven Crowder did a skit on his YouTube channel that was lampooning the Louden county case. In the skit, Alex Jones appears as an angel in a jail cell and tells a woman that she will soon become pregnant. The girl asks “Is this a miracle of immaculate conception?”

The angel Alex replies, “No that woman you are sharing your cell with is about to rape you repeatedly.” The shot changes to a man dressed as a woman standing next to the in cell toilet and urinating.

The Crowder channel was warned by YouTube that they needed to take the video down or have their channel banned from the website. The warning was attached to a one week suspension.

By definition, trannies have psychological problems. A person whose mind rejects the biological reality that they do or do not possess a Y chromosome (whichever the case may be) has something wrong with their mental processes. Don’t argue- even those who advocate for trannies’ special rights claim that the suicide rate is higher for trannies.

Yet the government is telling teachers and schools to force this on your children. Again, here is the handout that was given to teachers in Lake County, Florida when we were instructed to push the LGTBQ agenda on school children back in 2016. If you look, this plan was aimed at children from Kindergarten through high school.

Note that this received the full endorsement of the Federal Government, the teachers’ union, and the school board. They are purposely setting up your children for sexual exploitation. I told the administration at the time that I refused to discuss sexual topics with my students.

Two sides of this discussion: One side thinks that we should allow men and young girls to use the same restroom. They think that it is OK for a man dressed as a woman to discuss sex with 6 year old children. They think it is OK for an 8 year old to have sex change surgery over the objection of their parents. They believe that anyone who opposes them is a fascist who deserves to be shunned from society, jailed, or possibly executed.

The other side thinks that all of the above should be illegal.

How can those two sides reach a compromise? The answer is: they can’t. This nation is doomed. One side cannot exist while the other is still out there.

Anti American left fun

The left hates Rush

The 1980s Canadian rock band Rush is apparently hated by the left. It seems that the band’s drummer, Neil Peart, was a huge Ayn Rand fan. (Incidentally, I think that Peart was one of the greatest drummers of all time.) Since Peart was the writer of most of the band’s lyrics, many of the band’s songs had significant libertarian themes.

No, his mind is not for rent
To any god or government.
Always hopeful, yet discontent
He knows changes aren’t permanent –
But change is

Tom Sawyer, by Rush

The author of this story says that Rand had objectivist fantasies of self-reliance before going on to lament that some members of Congress “would rather leave billionaires untaxed than take care of America’s children.” I wasn’t aware that it was the responsibility of billionaires to care for America’s children.” He ends the article by saying “So, in closing, fuck you, Rush.”

Rush wasn’t my introduction to the ideals of liberty and freedom. For me, it was Robert Heinlein’s excellent fiction. Rush just gave those ideas a tune.

Fuck Rush? No, fuck you commie leftists.

My three favorite Rush songs (in no particular order) are:

Tom Sawyer:

The Spirit of Radio:

Then there is Red Barchetta, a song about the joy of driving a car in an era where cars have been outlawed, proving that Rush was truly ahead of their time: