Antifa Active Again

A USF student participated in the pro-Gaza/anti-Israel protests back in April. The group of protesters was armed with umbrellas and shields made of wood. They violently took over campus and were making demands of the university. They stood there together in a circle with arms locked as tear gas was deployed and refused to stop disrupting campus.

“We had demands for USF to disclose their investment portfolios and divest in companies that were supporting the genocide in Palestine,” Hinckley said.

She even made a statement just after the protest telling everyone what she had done.

The college held a hearing, alleging that she and other students violated school rules and the law when they used violence to disrupt campus activities. As a result of that hearing, she was expelled just three days before completing her degree in women’s studies.

“I had a formal hearing where they called witnesses from USF side, and I was able to have my witnesses there as well, and they found me allegedly responsible for six charges, including possession of weapons and firearms, which I did not have,” she said.

“I was only one assignment away from having my full diploma,” Hinckley said.

Three days before graduation, Hinckley was expelled from USF.

Now she and the other students, are claiming that the college violated their rights to free speech. Free speech doesn’t include carrying weapons while disrupting campus and refusing to leave when told to do so. It’s no different than what the J6 protesters were accused of that sees them languishing in prison (although in the case of J6, there is evidence that the police invited them into the building).

Before anyone feels sorry for her, she is a known and unrepentant communist insurrectionist.

The organization that Hinkley is President of, Students for a Democratic Society, was suspended from campus because the group was responsible for two counts of disruptive conduct and a failure to comply for protests that happened a week prior when they marched to the Dean for Students’ office, chanting to demand a meeting, blocking a staircase and chanting in the Dean’s office.

In fact, it appears as though she spent more time protesting than she did actually attending classes. The college, it seems, had had enough and decided to get rid of her. Clearly university students with these bullshit majors do not have enough to keep them busy. They have a lot of time to protest a lot of things. When I was in college, I was working a job (sometimes two of them) and going to school full time. I had no time to protest.

It seems that she hasn’t learned her lesson, because the continues to protest against the college. That won’t stop Biden from paying off her student loans.

The other student who lead the protests with Hinkley is a Columbian who is here on a student visa. Because he was suspended, he faces the revocation of his visa and possible deportation. I just don’t give a shit. You were given a STUDENT visa so you could go to college, not so you could participate in violent protests. Get the fuck out and go back to Columbia.

For more on the activities of known communists in the Tampa area, please see my earlier posts on the active Antifa cells in the area.


We periodically see those on the left making this demand. They are no better than my 14 year old niece who believes the same thing. It’s the same sort of magical thinking that is displayed by children, because children know nothing about providing for themselves due to mommy and daddy giving them whatever they want. Once these children reach the age of majority, they expect the free stuff to continue being delivered.

ATF Approved

There are vending machines in Alabama where you can buy ammunition, and its even approved by the ATF. Sounds like a great idea until you see how its being executed. You insert your ID, and the machine analyzes you using a camera and facial recognition to see if the picture on the ID you inserted matches.

Any takers want to take bets on whether or not your ID and picture are forwarded to the ATF? I just don’t trust anything that our government approves of, especially not those dog killing assholes at the ATF.

More on Medicine Preps

There are those who will tell you that learning CPR is a waste of time because when society collapses there won’t be any hospitals to complete the chain of survival. That’s shortsighted. Each day in the United States, one thousand people go into cardiac arrest. Preparing for disaster doesn’t just mean preparing for a society ending event. Most disasters are personal.

When each of my parents passed away, I was struck by the fact that the rest of the world continued as it did the day before, even though my own world had experienced such a shock. That’s the nature of disaster- they can affect a single person, a household, family, region, or an entire nation- even the world. It is prudent to prepare for long term, widespread disaster, but the one you are most likely to face will be limited and personal.

I spent my career responding to disasters, and most of them involve just a single person. Start small: Learn first aid, learn CPR, all because knowledge is power, and once attained, knowledge is never wasted.


I post this to show you an interesting situation. Watch the video below and see comments below:

To begin with, the cops during the traffic stop were taunting the intoxicated man and attempting to escalate the situation so they could get him to do something that would permit a felony arrest. They were being assholes. It’s easy to be the bully when you are armed and outnumber the unarmed target of your abuse three to intoxicated one.

The intoxicated man decided that he was going to get revenge, called 911, and executed an ambush. Two officers were killed and one wounded.

That’s all I want to talk about in this case. Instead I want to point out that one intoxicated man successfully ambushed three cops. Now ask what would happen when cops decide to exceed the tolerance of the citizens they are sworn to serve. What could two, three, or ten armed citizens accomplish once they decide that they are going to hunt?