A group of young men were seen in my neighborhood on at least three days last week. They were walking up to houses and knocking on the front doors. On the first day, if the homeowners answered, they would ask them a series of (in my opinion) intrusive questions, like how many people lived there, how much they made, how much they paid for the house, those sorts of thing. The second time they were seen, they were acting like they were selling solar systems, and when they came by yesterday, the same guys were selling home improvement supplies. Each time, the cops were called, but twice the guys were gone when the cops got here, and once the cops talked to them but they left- only to return the next day.

I was at work for the third day, and I told my wife not to open the door, and to tell them through the video doorbell that they were trespassing. She knows how to shoot, and I told her to then call the cops, and if the person tried to enter the house, to defend herself.

This is sketchy as hell. A bunch of us talk, and we have pictures of the three men involved, pictures of the two vehicles they were seen driving, and pictures of license plates. I will be keeping an eye out for those guys. Our neighbor’s husband works during weekdays, so I will keep watch over the house and wife while he is off at work.

I also pulled an outside the pants holster and mag holder out of the closet and will be wearing a larger firearm than my usual EDC whilst I am home. I will be open carrying an M&P 45, loaded with a 10 round mag filled with Speer Gold Dot G2 230grain +P hollow points while I am home (I got a great deal on a case of the GDHP last year from Lucky Gunner). Add a couple of spare mags to my belt, and I have 30 rounds of “you aren’t robbing MY fucking house without sustaining a sucking chest wound, asshole.”

Also available are shotguns, rifles, and other assorted mayhem should they give me a couple of seconds to get all of my shit in one sock.

I will keep an increased security lookout for the next few days.

Side note: The Speer G2 is a good looking load. 230 grains moving at 950 feet per second gives you 461 foot pounds of energy at close range. Expansion looks good. Check it out.

This is how Liberty Dies

I usually comb the Internet and social media in search of blog fodder. That is hard to come by today, because the Internet and the news cycle is dominated by the left cheering that the sitting President was able to toss his main political opponent in prison. This makes it difficult to find anything to write about that isn’t simply TDS porn.

Trump understood something that Biden does not: Throwing your political rivals in prison may make your supporters cheer with glee, but at the cost of destroying the very rule of law that always made this nation the shining beacon on the hill. That is no more…

We have officially joined the long list of nations where votes don’t matter, and dictators have their political opponents jailed or killed.

Loads Update

Here we are, in the summer. Time to revisit our calculations on power consumption for our planned solar installation. Here is the usage data, combined with temperatures for the month.

  • January: Average use was 27kwh per day. Average Temp 60 degF, High 82 degF, Low 35 degF
  • February: Average use 27kwh per day. Average Temp 61 degF, High 87 degF, Low 37 degF
  • March: Average use 22 kwh per day. Average Temp 69 degF, High 89 degF, Low 43 degF
  • April: Average use 20 kwh per day. Average Temp 71 degF, High 92 degF, Low 48 degF
  • May: Average use 36 kwh per day. Average Temp 79 degF, High 98 degF, Low 63 degF

You can see that electric use varies with the temperature. The hot months of summer are going to be more costly in terms of electrical use, but that is somewhat offset by more daylight hours. I will continue using the estimated figure of 48 kwh per day. If we assume an average of 6 hours of peak daylight per day, then we need to be generating about 8 kw per hour of daylight. Since I am pricing out 9.6-10 kw of capacity, I think that I am right where I need to be.

Now I need to figure out how much battery capacity I need.

Nothing is Changed

The verdict in the Trump case isn’t a surprise. For four years (since before the 2020 election), I have said that they will do whatever it takes to keep Trump out of office. That opinion hasn’t changed.

There are those who think that the left WANTS Trump to be there in the White House to serve as a fall guy when things go tits up. I don’t think so. These guys think that they are the smartest ones in the room. After all, they get away with their crimes every. single. day.

  • They are blatantly and openly accepting bribes.
  • They are blatantly and openly molesting children.
  • They are openly engaged in insider trading and rigging the stock market.
  • and more. I’m sure you can think of some.

Yet their side still supports them, and no one on the “other” side even mentions trying to stop them, because the Republicans are just as corrupt and invested in the system as they are. They will keep on stealing, lying, cheating, and sucking off of the public teat until there is no more treasure to be had.

It’s been obvious that this nation will fail for decades now. Anyone who has the ability to run a calculator could see it. All we can do at this point is be prepared for what is coming. The left is still openly following the CIA insurgency manual- the CIA literally wrote the book on how to overthrow a government, and that is exactly what is happening here.

A word of advice- the show trials phase of the insurrection is here.

The show trials that I began predicting on July 6, 2020, with the two posts titled “Roots of an insurgency, part 3,” and “Tying it all together.” From the “Roots” post:

Once the last phase begins, totalitarian elites let loose their inclination to brutally eliminate their perceived enemies. Once this phase begins, things happen very quickly. The entire country will collapse in a matter of weeks.

Violence is considered a means to achieving the goal of centralized power. There is not even a pretense of due process or respect for free speech.

Then there is the Tying it all together:

This is also the stage where purges begin, books are burned or rewritten, and the history of the old regime is destroyed. This prevents any sort of “counter revolution” from gaining any traction.

Things are going to get worse as we approach the election. It isn’t just Trump.

Develop your own lists. Have a list of canaries- people who are outspoken and influencing others. When they start to disappear, run. Have a list of people in your neighborhood or families who may be subversives or informants for the left. Know what to say to them and not say that will get you informed upon.

Things will begin to unravel with nearly blinding speed.

Bad Legal Takes

An apartment complex calls the police because they have a problem with people who don’t live there using the pool, because a group of the usual suspects Amish Canadians “teens” and their feral parents were using the pool for a Memorial Day pool party, even though they didn’t live there. The cops arrive and ask one of the people in the pool where he lives. He can’t tell them. They ask for ID, which he doesn’t or can’t provide. Then they ask him to leave, he refuses. Now he is trespassing after warning, so they attempt to take him into custody. The ‘teen’ then punched one of the cops in the face. This is the result:

Now I am arguing with some retard who is claiming that you can’t be asked to leave the pool if you live there because you have a lease, you can’t be asked to provide ID because no one carries ID at the pool, and the cops aren’t the owner of the property, so they can’t ask you to leave anyway.

This “child” weighed in at 375 pounds.

The attorney for the lawbreaking kid has a request that isn’t legal:

Malcolm said they want the charges dropped, the officers to be suspended without pay during an investigation, and transparency and truthfulness from Lakeland PD.

It is a violation of a cop’s Constitutional rights to suspend them without pay until an investigation and hearing has taken place, showing that the cop was in the wrong. It was decided by the US Supreme court that public employees have a right to due process, just like anyone else who is accused of wrongdoing by the government. The case was Cleveland Board of Education v. Loudermill, a 1985 case that was decided by the US Supreme Court. The underlying question for the case was:

“Can the government remove a civil servant’s property rights to employment before providing an opportunity for that employee to respond to the charges offered for his termination?”

The court said that the Constitution prevents the government from depriving anyone of their property without also providing that employee a chance to defend themselves. Calling witnesses, having counsel, a hearing, and all of the other due process rights that any other person would have before the government can take something from them.

In this case, the lawyer for the family surely knows this. He is merely playing to the court of public opinion, because he knows that this is where this case will be won or lost.

Pastor Clayton Cowart with the “Poor Minority Justice Association” is claiming that this is police brutality and child abuse. You punch a cop, you (rightfully, in most cases) have an ass whipping coming to you. This isn’t police brutality. Just because you are 16 doesn’t mean that you get a free pass on lawbreaking.

I call it like I see it- sometimes the cops are right, sometimes they are wrong. In this case, I don’t see where the cops did anything wrong.

The pastor isn’t new to demanding that blacks receive special treatment. In February, he was protesting the arrest of a 78 year old woman and her 44 year old daughter for pulling a “dine and dash.

The fact that Willie “Mother” Lewis and her daughter Ruthena Lewis, 44, ate at A&G and left without paying is undisputed.

So they admit to the crime, but don’t feel like they should have been arrested.

This is nothing more than entitled blacks insisting that the law should not apply to them. This is why blacks as a race can’t live in civilized society.

Useless Degrees

Many colleges have what they call a liberal studies degree. What this means is that you earn a degree by taking whatever classes appeal to you. You take the basics like math, writing, etc., but then you take so many ‘upper level’ courses to get a degree.

What happens if you take that concept and build an entire college around it? The result is NYU Gallatin. A school where students take classes in some random subjects for a period of years and then receive a degree that is, let’s say, a bit eclectic.

So how do the graduates of this school do in the working world?

  • 69% of them are women, 28% men, 2% are other
  • 77% employed, 17% still in school, 6% unemployed
  • Of those who are employed, most are employed by NYU and make an average of $59k per year.

$59k per year. In Manhattan, where there is a fast food joint right across the street serving $20 cheeseburgers. Keep in mind that a nursing associates degree in Florida, where the taxes and cost of living are much lower, sees a new nurse starting at $65k.

Waste of money, and Biden is forgiving their student loans.

Libertarian Candidate

The Libertarians have selected Chase Oliver as their Presidential candidate: a left-leaning, Liberal member of the LGTBQ+ club.

To boot, he supports the Biden policy of bringing people from Gaza to the US.

No thanks. This entire campaign is a way to let Dems who want to own guns and gay left leaning Republicans someone to vote for.

While I have frequently had problems with the Libertarian party, I agreed (or used to) with many of their ideas and principles. Now that I am seeing footage from their national convention, I just can’t anymore.


Speaking of show trials and lawfare- the NY government is also saying that Elon Musk shouldn’t receive the stock in the company that he founded and runs. The company is worth approximately $560 billion.

The pay package, valued at roughly $50 billion in stock, was originally approved in 2018 contingent on Musk meeting various goals concerning the company’s finances and stock price, which he did.

The company was worth $57 billion at the time the package was approved. Musk met the goals that were part of the deal, increasing the value of the company by more than $500 billion. He deserves every penny of that compensation package.

Tesla as it is wouldn’t exist without Musk. Make no mistake- this is being done because NY wants to destroy anyone who is seen supporting Trump.

The True Objective

Of course, we all know that the prosecution of Trump is being carried out to interfere with his election chances. If there were any doubt, the fact that the prosecutors in the documents case have asked for a gag order because his statements “endanger law enforcement agents.”

The goal here is to shut him up. I contend that the NY case will see him go to jail, and he will die there. They are going to do whatever it takes to prevent him from seeing the inside of the Oval Office again, and have been doing so since he denied Hillary her turn at the White House. I have been saying this for over three years.