Bad Idea

Kyle Rittenhouse says he wants nothing to do with his rifle and is having it destroyed. Considering that many on the left want him dead, I would say that this is not a good idea. It isn’t as if making himself defenseless will convince the left to like him.

Although his shooting was legitimate self defense, he isn’t a superhero. He is still an inexperienced almost child who has expressed his support for BLM.

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Not wanting anything to do with a particular weapon is not the same as not wanting anything to do with weapons in general. If you recall how shaken up he got in court recalling the shootings, I think its reasonable to suppose that he might want to do away with too much to evoke memories of that night.

The Gun Owners of America organization has announced it is sending him a new AR-15, as far as I’m aware he’s made no public response which to me means he’s probably accepting it.

Kyle has been a bag of non-stop virtue signalling since the verdict. Not surprising at all for a kid of his age/generation. If I were close to him (say, maybe, his parents, FFS) I’d recommend a trip to the outback somewhere so he can sort his shit out. He doesn’t understand he can’t appease his generally worthless cohorts. He shouldn’t even want to. You have to mature quite a bit to run out of fucks for almost everything.

maybe needs someone trustworthy to counsel him. might could use some pro help with PTSD too

Yeah, totally agree. While we rail against the left when they “Deify” every thug, rapist and murderer who ends up dead from the po-po, we do the same whenever someone makes the news that helps our cause. We basically have no idea of Kyle’s politics, beliefs, etc. other than he’s a kid (technically an adult now, I guess) and probably has a lot immature notions about how the world works. Turning him into a Right Wing Hero is really no different than the Left and St. George of the Fentanyl. We supported him, he was found not guilty, time to give him some privacy and hope he gets his life back on track.

I totally get destroying it so it doesn’t become a totem among the crazy right or crazy left. As mentioned above he’s getting other AR-15s that won’t have the same baggage.

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