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A police shooting in Elizabeth City, NC has caused BLM to start rabble rousing in the area. One of my friends from my days in the Navy lives in the area and found the following note on his front door last night. How is this different from the Klan?

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Karl it is time you get back in the game. There are so many commies and so little time.

Dealing with these semi-literates has become—has long been—tedious. Let’s just get this show on the road. Since mathematics has never been a strength of the negro we need to each the BLM types that 13 percent is less than 60 percent—74 percent if we include Latinos. And if you do not already know, Latinos cannot stand the black man.

Consider where we are in the new racial hierarchy. Consider where we are headed. Do the necessary.

Either this was put out by someone who knows better, or it was put out by a ‘useful idiot’ who believes that Blacks are a MUCH larger part of the population than they are.
Many people assume that the whole country is like what they see around them – I wouldn’t be surprised if the writer of this pamphlet does also.

from the looks of it, the officers shot the guy in the back of the head…they should have fun explaining that one…not an excuse to riot and burn shit down but it’s their calling card…

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