I see an article this morning that the California Air National Guard was planning a Close Air Support Mission against civilians protesting lockdowns and again for civilians protesting the results of the 2020 election.

The report, according to emails obtained by the Los Angeles Times, was that an F-15C from the 144th Wing was ordered onto a 2 hour alert status on several different occasions.

a lieutenant colonel sent a message to Guard members who maintain the F-15C, advising them that a jet must be “ready to take off within two hours,” beginning the Monday morning before the election.

The good news contained in the article was that enough officers expressed concern that the CO of the squadron had to send a memo saying that “there is no expectation that the F-15C will be used in any way in support of civil unrest.” He went on to instruct the recipients to keep him apprised of “any requests or upcoming requests” from California Guard headquarters in Sacramento.

This seems to indicate that at least SOME of the NG officers would refuse such an order. Now such an order isn’t DIRECTLY a hazard: AFAIK, the F-15C is an air superiority fighter and, other than strafing, isn’t really capable of a ground support role, but the presence of the fighter flying overhead would send a clear message to any protestors on the ground: you can’t fight us when we are willing to use fighter jets.

This was ordered by Democrats, who if you remember, were incensed when a medivac helicopter hovered over rioters in DC. These idiots don’t understand that, once you cross the line into using combat forces against noncombatants, you are opening the door to combat.

They are correct in saying that there are no ways for US civilians to fight against supersonic fighter jets. However, those jets have a long logistical tail. The pilots, the people who arm, repair, and service those aircraft, their families, and the people who supply the spare parts and ordinance for those jets all become fair game. They, and their support are easy to get while they are on the ground.

Guard the jets, then the fuel convoy is fair game. bring them inside the base, and their families become fair game. The essence of the National Guard is that they are from and part of the very citizens that you are planning to use them against.

The problem with Democrats is that they hate and have such a fear of weapons and the military that they have very little understanding of what they are doing. Some people aren’t scared by the mere sight of weapons.

Not only that, but what makes them think that a pilot who just got done watching them crucify a police officer for the death of a single black man would be willing to pickle off ordnance from a fast mover and not consider what would happen if it turned out that he killed even one wrong person?