Guns Police State War on the Right

Domestic Swatting

A woman in North Carolina accused her ex-boyfriend of domestic violence in a civil case, stating that he was in possession of explosives and weapons. She also claimed he was a right wing extremist. Over one hundred Federal agents raided his home in Montana with three armored vehicles, plus more than two dozen other vehicles and a helicopter.

Twice in my life, I have been accused of domestic violence. Both times, the accusation was proven false in court. In both cases, the woman made the accusation long after our relationship had ended.

The first time was in 2004, and the woman filed the complaint six weeks after we were broken up. Why? Because after we broke up, I asked for the return of my automobile that she was driving. She refused, then began hiding it. After some drama and a visit from the cops, I got my car back, so she filed a DV complaint against me.

Forward ten years later to 2014, my newest ex-girlfriend and I had broken up. Nearly five months later, she had read my account of the 2004 incident and thought it was a great idea. She repeated the process.

Both cases were dismissed, but at great personal cost. There are no repercussions for women who lie to obtain these DV orders, so they have become the weapon of choice for jilted women to use the courts in order to extort concessions from their former partners.

Now it appears as though the Democrats are going to use it to give the Feds an excuse to go all shooty on your dogs and steal your guns. Why not? This tactic is only used against MEN, and the cops are fine with that. Since white men are the “Jews in the attic” for the Democrats communists this works perfectly for them.

Guns Me

An ordeal

So I drove down to Bonita Springs today to pick up that pistol. Traffic was awful. We left the house at 10am to arrive 200 miles and 5.5 hours later. The transaction took less than 30 minutes, then it took us another 5 hours plus to get home. I am tired of being in that car.

No more posty today.



So I guess the Democrats passing gun laws is finally worrying people. My search for an M&P45 began on Friday and expanded as the weekend went on. I called or visited every gun shop within twenty miles of my house. No luck. I checked online vendors: PSA, Brownell’s, BudsGunShop, RKGuns, and others. Still no luck. Then I checked other places: Bass Pro, Gander Mountain, Shoot Straight. Nope.

I turned to Arms List. A place on there had one, but the store was a pawnshop more than 200 miles away from my house. They won’t ship.

So I thought that maybe a Glock 21 wouldn’t be so bad. I started over. The only Glock 21 I could find was over $700. Nope.

I broke down and called the South Florida pawnshop and bought it over the phone. As it turns out, my wife and I are taking a road trip to go get it. I just haven’t told her yet. I will have to bribe her with some other activity that we can do while down there. Or I will have to wait until a day I have off and she doesn’t, then go by myself. Cost? $550, plus a 400 mile road trip to go get it.