Happy ending

A man enters a day labor center with a machete and attacks the employees inside. One of the employees shoots his ass. Here are my thoughts:

  • Good for you in not hesitating.
  • Just remember to shoot until the threat is ended.
  • To the shooter: You either need a bigger gun or better aim. The next time, he might not flee after being shot once. Decapacitating the attacker is the surest way to stay alive.
  • Note that I don’t know the race/ethnicity of those involved. That doesn’t matter. Don’t attack people with machetes and you won’t get shot.

Too much TV

This guy went to a WalMart with a large knife and was threatening cops. When he refused to drop it, they shot him. He is suing the cops for excessive force.

The people in the comments are obviously not well versed in self defense law, demanding to know why police didn’t use a taser. Everyone thinks you should shoot the gun out of an assailant’s hand, shoo them in the leg, or should use a Taser, which is seen as a ‘magic weapon’ that will stop all assailants without hurting them. The odd part is that the lawyer suig the cops is Mark O’mara, who was part of the Zimmerman defense team.

If you are ever in a defense shooting, remember that these are the sorts of people who will be on your jury. It will be your lawyer’s job to educate them. It will be the prosecutor’s job to make sure the jury is too stupid to learn.

More demand = more $

In September of 2019, I was buying Anderson lowers for $49 each and using them to build sub-$300 ARs. Now Cheaper Than Dirt is selling those same stripped lowers for $300 each. Now let me say that I am smarter than that and won’t be buying one at that price. I don’t blame CTD for this price. After all, if you waited until now to buy an AR after seeing what the Democrats think about them, that is your own fault. Supply, demand.

My point here is this: Beto is no longer being considered for Biden’s “gun czar” position. I guess another Biden promise broken. The latest is that he is promising an EO on the subject soon.

I don’t think that a “buyback” will work, considering that I don’t think that people are buying $300 stripped lowers so that they can turn them in for $200.