This guy went to a WalMart with a large knife and was threatening cops. When he refused to drop it, they shot him. He is suing the cops for excessive force.

The people in the comments are obviously not well versed in self defense law, demanding to know why police didn’t use a taser. Everyone thinks you should shoot the gun out of an assailant’s hand, shoo them in the leg, or should use a Taser, which is seen as a ‘magic weapon’ that will stop all assailants without hurting them. The odd part is that the lawyer suig the cops is Mark O’mara, who was part of the Zimmerman defense team.

If you are ever in a defense shooting, remember that these are the sorts of people who will be on your jury. It will be your lawyer’s job to educate them. It will be the prosecutor’s job to make sure the jury is too stupid to learn.

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Miguel GFZ · February 16, 2021 at 9:21 pm

O’Mara is a lawyer who wants to make a living. A mercenary if you wish.

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