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COMSEC alert

Your Proton Mail accounts have been compromised.

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They’ve requested it. The question is, are they gonna get it?

(I don’t have a Protonmail account. I looked at them, but some things just kinda made my hackles rise up.)

The electronic ball field was co-developed with the govts of the world…..and nothing electronic…is free of govt control or intervention. NSA and the clones about the world… have all the data. All the data. This includes the phones… Snowden/Asange… they have all spoke to the situations…. and others before them….

All your emails are belong to us as part of the glorious egalitarian sewer of equality.
Forward! Yes we can…trust nothing and no one.

Eh, not surprised or concerned everything online is tracked and recorded. I’ve been switching to them from Gmail but there isn’t anything I’ve said on Protonmail that’s materially different then what’s on Gmail. Sure, plates and NVDs through Protonmail but tons of PSA orders went through Gmail. If there is something you don’t want them to hear you say, better say it in person.

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