Police State


Police routinely track people by the tower that their cell phone is on. That is how they caught many people up in the net on January 6. They aren’t stopping there. Massachusetts authorities are reportedly installing a tracker on all cell phones in the state.

EDITED TO ADD: This has been confirmed by multiple sources, including MSN. Mass Authorites say that the tracking feature won’t be used, except to notify potential exposures to COVID. I believe that. Yeah. END EDIT.

They aren’t asking, they are just doing it. I don’t know what this software does, or how much data it is sending home to big brother, I just know that I am leery of it.

If any of your travels happen to take you through Massachusetts, I would recommend putting your cell phone into a faraday bag, like this one. I don’t make money from this at all- I have no relationship with the company or the product, other than owning several of them.

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i’m sure it can be coded to show it’s not using your data or transmitting back to the mothership…this is why i like phones i can root and do what i want to it…not that it matters…look what the gov did to Sharyl Attkisson and her computer…

I live in Mass and can verify that this is on cell phones. I have to go in daily and remove it. I have gotten to the point that I look for it every time I use my phone.

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