This watchdog group that claims to be nonpartisan is recommending changes to the Supreme Court. Let’s start with a look at the group who calls themselves the Project on Governmental Oversight. They claim to be nonpartisan. OK, sure.

The Chairman of the Board for POGO is Nithi Vivatrat, who is also the CEO of a company called “Socially Determined,” a company that is dedicated to social justice in the delivery of healthcare.

Board Members include Rebecca Adamson, who is a woman that promotes “fairness” and believes that Native Americans should be in control of their own schools and education, and has served a promoter of economic independence for tribes. She is also a liberal professor teaching a course entitled ‘Indigenous Economics within the Community Economic Development Program’. I bet it’s a thrilling course.

I think you get the picture on how “nonpartisan” this organization is. Here is their position on the Supreme Court:

The “time has come for the Supreme Court to adopt a code of ethics or for Congress to impose one on it.”

Please, oh please, Mr Constitutional Scholar, point me to the portion of the Constitution that grants the Legislature the power to impose rules or a code of ethics upon the Supreme Court.

The panel also recommended increasing the number of seats on the court, imposing term limits, and having smaller panels of justices hear cases as opposed to all nine presiding over each one to break up static voting blocks.

Ah, yes. I can see it now. How would cases be assigned to these smaller panels? What would be the makeup? I am guessing that the new court would have 15 members, split into three smaller panels of five. Kavanaugh and Barrett would be on a panel with Sotomayor, Kagan, and a new justice to be appointed by Biden. The rest of the panels would similarly be divided.

In fact, Schumer is already salivating at the thought of filling him some SCOTUS vacancies. I am betting that, before the next election, Breyer mysteriously dies in his sleep, and there will be no autopsy, but the death will be ruled “natural causes” by someone who never viewed the body.