This article is an attempt to paint gun owners as being terrorists and Nazis. Case in point:

The Atlanta Gun Show, held over a weekend in late September, had everything one might need for a coming apocalypse or civil war: flame throwers, hundreds of rifles, thousands of handguns and knives, body armor, survival kits, medical supplies…Nestled in the middle of the show at the Atlanta Expo Center, a man proudly displayed Nazi memorabilia: medals, swastika patches and a model of a German amphibious vehicle occupied by toy Nazi soldiers. People crowded around his table, asking questions about buying and selling Nazi stuff.

Let’s look at that table of Nazi memorabilia.

Looks evil, right? Let’s take a closer look:

Not a Nazi. This table is selling war memorabilia from all three of the major suppliers of weapons, but a person buying and selling Japanese WW2 military items doesn’t support the true goal here: making gun owners look like they are trying to kill minorities. This is about turning 2A supporters into racist killers.

This is another attempt at making the same stupid “terrorist” argument they always do. Trump supporters were terrorists in October.

NBC claimed that Republicans are planning an armed insurrection and that Steve Bannon has turned Breitbart News into a right wing ethno-Nationalist Propaganda mill. (Oct 4, 2021)

The Guardian says that Republicans are meeting as a part of secret hate groups who want to target non-whites and LGTBQOENC… (Sept 30, 2021)

It became apparent in June that Biden’s plan was to demonize and target the right as terrorists so he can bring the full power of the Federal government’s anti-terror laws to bear.

This editorial in the Washington Post says that anyone who opposes the COVID vaccine is committing domestic terrorism. 

San Francisco has declared that the NRA is a terrorist organization, and is urging the Federal Government to do the same. 

This isn’t new. It’s been going on for more than a decade. From twelve years ago:

Americans affiliated with a foreign terrorist group would be stripped of their U.S. citizenship under bipartisan legislation introduced by Senator Joseph Lieberman.Americans affiliated with a foreign terrorist group would be stripped of their U.S. citizenship under bipartisan legislation introduced by Senator Joseph Lieberman.


joe · December 30, 2021 at 5:59 am

if you are any of the following they see you as a terrorist or racist… white… gun owner… part of a family unit… Christian… orange man bad supporter… give a shit what schools are teaching your kids… drive a pick up… being a patriot… display an American flag… unvaxxed…and on and on

Toastrider · December 30, 2021 at 8:48 am

Liking anything prior to Year Zero pretty much makes you an evil terrorist.

Angus McThag · December 30, 2021 at 2:38 pm

I think most of us gun owners can remember a table with Nazi memorabilia where the owner definitely was a racist at at least one gun show.

The one with all the bigot bumper stickers?

What the press doesn’t report on is that guy rarely lasted long and only got to put his shit up for sale for as long as they did because their own fellow travelers made it hard to stomp that crap out because of free speech.

So the gunshow promoter had to go through all the proper procedures and dot every t and cross every i to get rid of the unwanted bigot without getting sued.

In the mean time, the media is all about how the gunshow supports bigotry.

EN2 SS · December 30, 2021 at 8:45 pm

I’ve been on their lists since the 70’s:
Own motorcycle
Own guns
Voted for Truth, the American Way,the Constitution and President Trump
Call out morons
I like it.

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