Guns tyranny

Dishonest or stupid?

The same Congressman who deliberately or stupidly conflated pistol braces and bump stocks by claiming that pistol braces turn pistols into automatic weapons is now pushing the ATF to force anyone who owns a pistol brace to register the weapon as an SBR.

Of course it’s deliberate. Our government is evil.

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The characteristics are mutually exclusive? Seems to me the democratic party consists of quite a few folks demonstrating both.

Interesting, what I’ve heard from people who work in the ATF offices is that existing braces will grandfathered as legal but after a certain date no more can be sold.
I wonder if this has changed? I’ve heard registration discussed before and panned because of how many there are… Or the discussion of registration could be to get people to accept limits on sales as a compromise…

Why give the politicians the benefit of the doubt? The answer is dishonest. Every single time. He may be stupid, but he is unquestionably dishonest.

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