There was a fight that occurred in a Raleigh, NC high school. The fight was nearly 30 students jumping one solitary student. They knocked him to the ground, kicking and jumping on his head. You can see in the video that he produces a knife then stabs one of his largest attackers. Police arrested the kid, 14 years old, and charged him with murder.

Unless I am really missing something, I think that this is textbook self defense, unless there was something that happened before the video began. It was 30 against 1, the suspect was on the ground, and they were taking actions that would likely result in serious bodily harm. He clearly stabbed and then, rather than push the attack, he used it to escape the mob. The minute he was able to exit he did. The choice was to be killed or seriously injured or stab back.

Sure, he had a knife at school, but that will at most result in him being charged with illegally carrying a weapon at school, but that doesn’t make his defending himself with it into a murder case.

Another odd occurrence. At about 15 seconds, you can see what appears to be a gun that was dropped by one of the attackers.

This brings another piece to the puzzle. This illustrates a few issues.

  • You don’t fight one of them. There is always a gang.
  • Blacks are largely violent when in large enough groups.
  • Our schools are failures. For most Americans, the only place they experience being attacked is in our schools.

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Boneman · November 29, 2023 at 5:52 am

ALWAYS in groups. One on one they are complete cowards. Charges of murder had better be dismissed out of hand. This is absolutely self-defense. The “Glee” expressed… the laughter is utterly despicable in this video. WHY was the victim carrying? Because I’m sure based on experience and observation of his fellow “students” he felt it was a damn prudent thing to do. He was proven right and whilst it may have earned him a bogus murder charge at least he’s not dead himself or permanently damaged.

    Tree Mike · November 29, 2023 at 7:18 am

    For them, it’s always a feral pack attack. The kid took reasonable precautions that saved his life. Hope they get a good enough lawyer.

      Jonesy · November 29, 2023 at 12:45 pm

      I’ve circulated this to a few folks…all agree it is self defense.

      I missed the gun drop, and if that actually is a gun, it hasn’t been reported. That might be expected given the circumstances.

      Zero information is available as to what started this, but it will be interesting to see how it shakes out.

      The herd mentality on display – almost impossible to manage. Role playing a scenario like this in your head if this was in public yields slim chances of survival even if armed. The best defense is situational awareness….don’t be there.

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