I know that many of you have seen blogs being nuked. That is why I set up this website on its own server. The idea here is that I setup and maintain the server for my use. That server has a lot more capacity than my blog is using, but costs a good chunk more than I can justify spending on a blog. So I came up with the idea of sharing that server. I initially was sharing it for $25 a month.

This is what I did:

  • I set up a server in a country that won’t submit to US takedown requests. Being across the pond makes the websites run a tad slower, but they are more resistant to being shut down.
  • The server is backed up nightly.
  • There is a mirror server in a second country.
  • The entire thing is owned by a corporation.

The Pitch:

Recently, I moved to this new server and became my own IT guy. Because of this, I was able to realize significant cost savings that I am passing on. The new cost is $15 per month. Those who are already being hosted by me have gotten an email detailing the new rate. If you haven’t seen that email, contact me. For that rate, this is what you get:

  • You get your own blog, run on the widely available and customizable WordPress software.
  • You get one email address with up to 1gb of storage. More options and storage are available for a nominal fee. The email address is attached to your blog, for example: You@yourblog.com
  • I will migrate your blogger or WordPress blog to this server.
  • You can use your own wed address if you have one, or we can find one. There may or may not be an extra charge for that, depends on what you want to use. Some cost more than others.

What you don’t get:

I am not a web designer, graphic artist, computer expert, or any sort of artist. So I can’t offer custom websites, web design, or any of that. I recommend that you use any of the available WordPress custom themes that are widely available online, or that you go with one of the stock themes that comes with the software.

The only catch or rule here is that you can’t run a porn site. The risk for underage porn and the large amount of resources that they use just make that too much of a hassle. I just don’t want to be in the porn business. Other than that, I am hands off. Free speech and all of that.

How to sign up:

Email me to make the arrangements. Divemedic (at) areaocho (dot) com.

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Das Homeland · November 1, 2022 at 10:24 am

Remember when people would set up a server in America to evade evil regimes? Good times.
Kimdotcom could have saved a lot of trouble by following the external server location plan.
Google is doing some blocking by not allowing comments and all of the Twitter true believers will migrate to the evil browser company.

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