This video astounds me.

What this guy is saying could easily be construed as murder. He wants you to make sure that anyone who enters your home is dead. He says to either shoot them in the head, or after shooting them, go back to bed for an hour or so before calling 911, so that you can let them “bleed out.” Here are some of his statements in comments:

 When someone breaks into your home in a home invasion at 3:00 a.m. they
are not another individual, they are a predatory puke who is there to
kill you and your family. Don’t you pay any attention to the news? Don’t
you know what happens to homeowners and their families in home

 What I in fact said was if you can put two to center mass and one in the
head before they hit the ground that can be made to look like a
legitimate shoot. If they hit the ground before you can put one in the
head that’s going to be a problem. Then you’re going to have to let them
bleed out.

When a person enters your home in a castle doctrine state, the law presumes that the homeowner is facing a deadly threat, and allows the homeowner to use deadly force. That presumption disappears if the state can prove that  you deliberately allowed a person to die after they were no longer a threat. An attorney in the comments says effectively the same thing, and this is his response:

What will your hourly charge be to defend a so called CLEAN SHOOT? I
betcha if you are an attorney your charges will be a lot. If I dispose
of the body I don’t have to pay them.

This video will be used against the maker to show premeditated murder, even if the shoot is a proper one. Stupid, stupid, stupid.

Look at another video he produces:

At 1: 34, he says that he keeps his Sig 220 in a “combat ready condition” where it is loaded and the hammer is back. This guy is a total dumbass. This is a double action pistol with no manual safety, no grip safety, and no safety built into the trigger. He fingers the trigger and sweeps the camera multiple times before clearing the pistol. This is a negligent discharge waiting to happen. He goes on to say:

I haven’t taken this thing apart yet, and have no desire to. My guess is that this lever (indicates takedown lever) releases it, and it comes apart like a Glock.

This guy supposedly runs a training academy. I seriously hope that no one takes his advice, because they will likely wind up in jail. Anyone who has attended this school that is involved in a shooting better hope that the prosecutor doesn’t find out about it, because they will be in a world of trouble.

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