So I heard from the leftie mentioned in this post. His answer to my point that a second Civil War would be bloody was this:

What you right-wingers don’t realize is that Civil Wars are no longer fought with guns… rather, they are fought with ideas and information. And the left are Ninjas with computers.

So I just had to respond with:

I am sure that the citizens who live in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, the Sudan, Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Croatia, Taiwan, Myanmar, Columbia, the Philippines, Turkey, the Ukraine, and Mexico would be very surprised to hear that they didn’t have to fight and kill each other. If they had only known that they could meme their way to freedom instead of being massacred, all of that bloodshed could have been avoided. 

They just don’t have a clue. The left is convinced that a coming American civil war would be fought with memes and Internet posts. Information and ideas are useless unless people act upon them. At the end of the day, wars are not fought by talking the other side into submission. 

Force is the end solution to all conflicts. It always has been. 

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Jess · September 20, 2020 at 5:11 pm

I've found that the leftists are generally congregated in the larger cities, with the capitols with the largest groups. Crime, to the leftists, is never a concern, since law enforcement usually handled the worst of crime, and the depressed areas are as far away as the "fly over" country they despise.

Things have now changed. The thugs of Marxism have moved in to the heart of their cities, where the most commerce is handled. Trips to government offices can be hampered, their courts are closed, and they are now easy prey. To make matters worse, they are completely dependent on outside suppliers for the necessary supplies to live. The increasing danger makes the suppliers less willing to make the unsafe travels. With limited supplies, the thugs will become more emboldened and dangerous.

It won't really be a civil war, since the politicians will be safe, the thugs will eventually be isolated, and the liberals will have no choice but to embrace what they thought was the best system. Rural areas will survive, the cities will adapt, and the system of the United States will survive at the terrible price of having great cities destroyed by criminals.

Unfortunately, the most ignorant will be the most affected, but that's how it usually ends. The world is a dangerous place, and believing otherwise has always been foolish.

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