The pending Grand Jury announcement in the Breona Taylor case from Louisville is expected within days. (Side note: I initially thought the cops had screwed up. I was wrong.) 

Either way, the crowds on both sides of the issue are waving guns around. A convicted felon pointing a gun at a passing car, yet the same people want to take Kyle Rittenhouse to task. 

The next battle will be fought in Louisville. Likely before the end of the month. 

Dumbasses still don’t know what is coming.

 So I heard from the leftie mentioned in this post. His answer to my point that a second Civil War would be bloody was this:

What you right-wingers don’t realize is that Civil Wars are no longer fought with guns… rather, they are fought with ideas and information. And the left are Ninjas with computers.

So I just had to respond with:

I am sure that the citizens who live in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, the Sudan, Yugoslavia, Rwanda, Croatia, Taiwan, Myanmar, Columbia, the Philippines, Turkey, the Ukraine, and Mexico would be very surprised to hear that they didn’t have to fight and kill each other. If they had only known that they could meme their way to freedom instead of being massacred, all of that bloodshed could have been avoided. 

They just don’t have a clue. The left is convinced that a coming American civil war would be fought with memes and Internet posts. Information and ideas are useless unless people act upon them. At the end of the day, wars are not fought by talking the other side into submission. 

Force is the end solution to all conflicts. It always has been. 

They don’t know what is coming

In discussing the election and how the loss of Ginsberg will affect it, a lefty had this to say:

Let me be crystal clear… there is no scenario where Trump replaces the Honorable Ruth Bader Ginsberg. Remember what you people did to President Obama when He nominated Merrick Garland? President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris will nominate the next Supreme Court Justice. Even your Republican Senators like Romney are refusing to vote until after the election. Case closed.

I responded with:

Romney, Murkowski, and Collins didn’t vote for Kavanaugh, either, so I am not surprised. Either way, the loss of those three would make it a tie, which Pence would break. You are also assuming that Biden will win the election.

Then he used the childish threat that Democrats think is their Ace in the Hole:

Biden is going to win … and you best hops so. do you know what’s going to happen if Trump wins?

The American public has bought as many guns in 2020 as are usually bought in an entire year (25 million so far and counting)? In fact, Americans have bought over 300 million guns in the past 20 years.

There is a nationwide ammo shortage, despite the fact that more than a billion rounds a year is made or imported? Why do you think people are buying so many guns and so much ammunition? The gun ranges and clubs have been closed all over the country for most of the summer because of COVID, so it hasn’t been to practice shooting. Ammo is now too expensive to waste at the range. Even low quality 9mm is selling at close to 80 cents per round. Primers to roll your own are selling at nearly $100 a brick. 

All of this points to an America that is in possession of three times as much ammo as was expended by the entire US military during World War 2. The private gun owners in the US would outnumber the largest military in the world by a factor of ten to one.  

We had all better hope that the Democrats don’t decide to get violent because of a Biden loss. The American people are so heavily armed that the second Civil War will make the first one look like amateur hour. The loss of life will be truly horrific. It would become a war of one zip code, one neighborhood against another. City versus rural. 

What are the cities going to do when the lights go out? The taps no longer run with water? When there are no longer any deliveries of food, fuel, and other supplies? What are rural areas going to do when the citizens of those cities come pouring out, looking for food and willing to kill whoever they need to in order to get it?

The Democrats need to think long and hard about that course of action. That road doesn’t go where they think it does. 

Increased chances for isolated violence

 On Thursday, I posted my opinion that:

the possibility of imminent violence has abated somewhat…barring any major development, the risk of violence will remain at this level up to election day.

It seems that 2020 is not without a sense of irony. The Republicans have announced that Ginsberg’s replacement will receive a vote on the Senate floor. In response, the Democrats have announced that they will “burn it all down” if the Senate dares to fill the now vacant seat on SCOTUS. Even former CNN anchors got in on the threats

Author Reza Aslan says (and I am quoting here) “Over our dead bodies. Literally.” My response? Is that what you LITERALLY want? 

At this point in 2020, we should all be aware that this is not hyperbole. We are literally at war with people who want to destroy our country. Whether you believe in it or not, know that violence is coming your way, and hell is coming with him. 

So with that, I guess we cannot let our guard down. We are facing a group of people who have no problem using violence to include murder. They have publicly stated that they want anyone to the right of Che Guevara to die. That likely means YOU, if you are reading this. 

Once this SCOTUS pick goes to a vote, expect violence to ramp up. If Trump wins the election, which seems likely, the violence will increase to higher levels. 


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