This morning we enter Election Day III: The Search for More Ballots (special thanks to Mel Brooks), Congress is still very much a tossup. In the Senate races, the two parties are in a dead heat at 48D and 49R, with a Senate seat each from Arizona, Nevada, and Georgia still to be decided. Best case I can see at this point is that the parties split Arizona and Nevada. Georgia will be a runoff. If that one goes to the Democrats, we have a 50-50 Senate and the Vice President remains the tie breaker. I still think that the Democrats will wind up with 51 seats. I hope I am wrong.

In the House, things are a mess. What should have been a clear Republican victory has degenerated into a 192D to 210R race. There are 33 seats still left to be decided.

It takes 218 seats for a majority, but remember that there are some RINOs there who will undoubtedly break from the rest of the party to give the Dems what they want. It would take at least 230 seats for the Republicans to have a firm grip on the House, and that isn’t in the cards. This is one of the reasons why the Democrats are so much more effective than the Republicans- they know how to be team players and stick together.

Both sides in this are claiming victory, but we won’t know that until we know who controls Congress. Still, people and businesses have skin in the game, and the stock market is reacting to the election. It was down yesterday as everyone knows that the Democrats are bad for business and the economy.

The left and their mouthpieces are busy claiming that there are no shenanigans even as they say that it will take weeks to count the ballots in some races. That is complete and utter horseshit. The state of Florida managed to count nearly 8 million ballots in less than an hour and a half, but California has weeks of counting mail in ballots ahead. Mail in balloting allows for a level of election fraud that is perfect if you are the party that wants to rig elections. Imagine a single Democrat operative filling out and mailing in 200 ballots for the dementia-ridden residents of the nursing home where she works as a nurse’s aid or the community organizer who fills out ballots for the 300 homeless drug addicts that frequent his shelter. This is how election officials mysteriously “find” boxes of ballots that are all in favor of Democrats days and even weeks after the election. Florida used to have the same problem, with Broward county ALWAYS finding several bags containing a few thousand Democrat votes days later. Replace a few election officials, tighten up some election laws, and create a law enforcement unit dedicated to finding this sort of criminal activity, and that problem is solved. The difference is that California and the Democrats WANT these sorts of opportunities.

The cold war, albeit with some warm spikes, between the communists and the forces of freedom, continues. Let’s hope that it doesn’t flare up into full blown warfare in the near future.

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