Rigging the vote

Every Election Year

It’s almost like it’s planned and coordinated…

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What’s even more disturbing to me is the text that says “Homeland Security Federal Protection Service POLICE”

Here it comes…it was time to launch the new current thing, Ukraine was no longer effective for keeping the interest of ADHD nation. The removal of the left’s most sacrosanct right, federally protected infanticide, should do quite nicely I think.

Now the rage of fat blue hairs and boxed wine bitches nationwide will be stirred to the greatest extent possible, providiing cover for God only knows what, and will most assuredly stir the base at a time when they have lost their spark. This move will likely create the sustained civil unrest needed to justify whatever new assault on liberty is waiting patiently offstage.

Or maybe it is thr first stage in a multi-prong plan. We haven’t seen any action from NWA, I mean blm, in a while. Da feds probably have something cooking to get them fired up as well for this summer. And I don’t think it will be chittlins n’ cornbread.

Isn’t it fascinating that there are riots over the abortion issue in places were it’s unlikely to be banned and peace where it’s probably going to be curtailed?

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