The New York indictment against President Trump was filed under seal. When a case is filed under seal, the parties involved are not supposed to say anything about the case. At this point, the only people who could release the details of the indictment are either the prosecutor, the members of the grand jury, or the court itself, all of whom are under orders to say nothing. Naturally, that doesn’t prevent the release of some details of the case. The left is freely releasing leaking the details of the indictment that look as bad as possible for the Defendant.

Now there are reports that the judge in the case is going to issue a gag order against the former President, with a penalty of jail time if he says a word in the court of public opinion. His opponents are under no similar restriction. This is a travesty of justice, and an illustration that our legal system has nothing to do with justice.

As I have said before, the left will stop at nothing to put Trump in prison. He goes there, and there is a high probability that he will commit suicide while alone in his cell and the cameras aren’t working.

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Aesop · April 3, 2023 at 11:16 am

As noted elsewhere, IIRC, there is no provision anywhere for removal of Secret Service protection to former presidents under any circumstances save refusal of same by the principal.

I suspect they’ll have a wee bit to say on the matter of Trump’s supervision and protective detail, 24/7/365/forever, no matter what.

But if you want to see the outcome of a shoot-out between NY’s Finest and the Treasury Dept. employees, I know where I’m putting bets down to win, place, and show.

Stock up on popcorn.

oldvet50 · April 4, 2023 at 6:00 am

How are they even allowed to name the party ‘Democrat’ when that is the LAST thing they want – democracy! They are actually saying that they know the majority of the people want DJT as President so were are going to fix it where he won’t be able to run for that office! MTG is right! They are the worst that humanity can be!

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